Friday, August 28, 2009

Small Frugal Blessings Of The Week

Good Friday morning to you!

We had some large unexpected repair bills this week for our water pump and air conditioner. It was also time to buy new tires for my "old lady car". But, instead of dwelling on the negative side of this I want to keep things positive!

Oh, what a blessing it is that we have plenty of water and an air conditioner to begin with! And the cost of a new set of tires is about the same as one car payment would be for the average person in America. We've not had a car payment in over a year!

Here are some of the small frugal blessings I've received recently:

1. I received $13.00 into my Paypal account from Ebates. I was surprised that I had reached this amount since I don't normally order a lot of things on line. The amount has to be at least $10.00 and they only transfer the money to you about every 3 months.

2. I was able to answer two surveys this week on line which earned me $6.00.

3. Amazon.Com has pulled out of North Carolina as far as its affiliate program goes so I received $5.79 into my checking account when they closed my account. Ordinarily the amount would have to reach $10.00 before they make a transfer. I assumed that I would never reach $10.00, so had forgotten about it.

4. I was able to order some items on clearance for my daughter and grandson from Old Navy using a free shipping code. I went through Ebates to order and earned $4.48more in that account.

5. I was going into Food Lion and noticed a coupon laying on the sidewalk. I picked it up and it was $2.00 off Scott Toilet Paper. The toilet paper happened to be on sale that day too.

6. I printed out a $5.00 off $20.00 worth of meat at Food Lion this week and was pleasantly surprised to find lots of marked down meat with good dates. I was able to really stock our freezer with some good meat such as beef stew, hamburger, pork chops and inexpensive steaks for only $15.00.

7. I started collecting Coke Rewards points. We purchase lots of drinks at work in the 12 pack cardboard cartons and my hubby gets bottle caps from his workplace. I also have a friend who has given me some codes. I already have about 150 points in only a week! I'm not sure what I'll spend them on, but maybe a "Country Living" magazine subscription.

8. I have 41 Swag bucks. If you would like to sign up for Swagbucks, click on the thingie on my right side bar. That way I can earn referral points when you win swagbucks.

9. My Upromise Account is slowly growing because of E-Coupons. I purchased diapers and Wacky Mac which earned $3.00. I know that's not much money, but I think its neat that the money just shows up in there. E-Coupons are definitely something I will use from now on.

10. If I honor God with my finances, I know that He will bless me in that area. One small way to do this is to follow the rules when it comes to coupons. The Food Lion on-line coupons state "One Print Per Person". But, the print process allows you to print as many as you want. I've decided to only print out one, even though I would love to use some more of those $5.00 of $20.00 meat ones!!!

And you never know what kind of coupons He might put on the sidewalk for you!

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Debbie,
Oh how wonderful. You are so blessed. This reminds me to check my accounts.
Have a wonderful week end.

Pen Pen said...

This is awesome.... those little dollar amounts certainly add up. I will have to investigate some of those things you are doing. I would love to earn some free money. The coupon you found was great, because I bought some Scott tissue this week on sale for $2 and something...which means you only had to pay the "something"... good for you!

Thena said...

So swagbucks really do work. Signed up for it months ago but have never really got into it.

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

I think #10 is very admirable. I am trying to be as honorable as possible lately. I never used to think much of it, if a blogger told me you could print such and such amount I used to. But the more we couponers "take advantage" the less likely we are going to be blessed with savings in the future. It is greed, really.


Come by and see me over at Free2BeFrugal!

Mom2fur said...

I'm pretty sure eBates owes me some money, but it hasn't shown up in my Paypal account. Do you have to do something to get it?
BTW, staying honest about the way you do coupons helps us all. It's the cheats who make companies give up on the idea!
My word verif. is 'exilstsm.' Sounds like something you'd study in a philosophy class!

Susan said...

Great blessings this week! I enjoyed reading them, especially the coupon on the sidewalk - you can't beat that!

I agree with you about being ethical with coupons. I believe God will honor your honesty and bless you.

~Sara said...

All those little things do add up! Hope you have a great weekend! Take care.

Mom2fur said...

Hi, again! Thanks for stopping by my little soapbox today, LOL!

What makes me sad to think of is how many young women were discouraged from being what they truly wanted to be--wives and mothers--because of women who thought your worth is measured by a paycheck?

Alexandra said...

We've had the unexpected expenses lately too. What is with the end of summer this year?!! ;) I told my husband it comes in threes, and sure enough three things have gone out on us. Telephone repair person comes tomorrow. I am hoping this is the last thing that needs fixin'.

I hadn't hear about what happened with NC and Amazon...I'll have to check that out. I hope this doesn't happen in Va.

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