Monday, August 17, 2009

Kitchen Chores

Saturday I posted a "To Do" list for cleaning my kitchen this week.

So far I have cleaned the oven. My stove is pretty old, 25 years old to be exact. It has lots of little quirks, but still works. The oven temperature is always too hot. The burners are hard to put in and take out. I plan to keep using it as long as it works at least as good as it does right now. But, when we do buy a new oven, I plan to get a smooth top one. My mother and daughter recently purchased smooth top stoves and I like them. I didn't think I would at first, but after cooking on my mother's stove during her illness, I have grown to like the fact that they are so easy to keep clean. No more messing with burner pans, etc.

Here is my oven after being cleaned. There are some little worn places in the enamel which is what those dark spots are on the bottom, but it is clean. I used Dollar General Store brand oven cleaner and am pleased to report it worked great.

I'm not ashamed to even show you a picture of something cooking in the oven now! This is a chicken pot pie we had for Sunday dinner yesterday.

This is the top of the stove after the burners have been removed. The top of the stove flips open and I cleaned under that too. Yuck! It really needed it. The metal rack over the stove is where I hang utensils such as spatulas. I cleaned that area and am thinking about taking it down completely. When I decide what to replace it with, I may just do that! The burner pans were beyond cleaning, so I purchased new ones from, you guessed it, Dollar General. It looked so much better when I was through.

I forgot to put "clean the microwave" on the list! I most definitely need to do that too.


Pen Pen said...

It looks great, especially to be 25 years old! I have a smooth top and love it. I wasn't so sure either, but it came with the house. Now, I never want anything but a smooth top... so easy to clean... love not having drip pans!!!

Mom2fur said...

Great job! I'd never guess the age of that oven!
We replaced ours a few years ago. It is a wall unit and is separate from the stove top. I also had trouble with temps, and you couldn't fit a big turkey in it. In the same space, the new oven is much more efficient. That's something to consider. What you are putting out in lack of efficiency could mean a new oven is a better deal!

Elizabeth said...

Good job! Looks great! I also use a lot of cleaning products from The Dollar General Store or Family Dollar :) Works just as well as the other expensive stuff. I hope your oven last you another 25 years. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Lyn said...

Looks very shiny and sparkly. Great job!

Alexandra said...

Now that is clean! Mine is pretty embarrassing - always cut off the bottom part when I take pictures!lol. We need a new stove as well. Good to hear that the flat top ones work well.

Rhonda in OK said...

Hi Debbie
I am a lucky girl with a self- cleaning oven. It is a cool rainy day here so I am going to go in there and turn it on to the self-clean cycle. It really heats up the kitchen so it is best to do it on a cool day.
Thanks for the reminder.

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