Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Using Restraint at CVS!

I haven't been shopping at CVS, Walgreens or Rite Aid for several weeks now. We even stopped taking the newspaper, so my couponing has slowed considerably. But, I have two people who give me the coupons they don't use, so I'm still in the game!

I noticed that this week at CVS there were several school supply items "free after extra bucks". I also saw that the Colgate toothpaste that I had a coupon for was on sale plus earned an extra buck, so I made a CVS trip on my lunch break yesterday.

But, you know what? I really don't NEED any school supplies! My children are out of school and I probably still have left over school supplies in storage somewhere in the house. I even had the free school supplies in my shopping cart. I decided to put them back so some other mom with school age kids could make use of them.

At one time I would buy anything I could get for free, but I've decided to use restraint at CVS or any store where I am couponing. If its not something we need and use, why bring it home to clutter up my storage areas?

This is what I ended up buying:

I swiped my CVS card at the little machine they have in the store and a $1.50 coupon off the deodorant printed out, as well as a 50 cents extra buck coupon. I already had a $1.00 coupon off the toothpaste. So out of pocket I spent $3.26 for both these items and $3.00 worth of extra bucks printed out for my next shopping trip, making these items free. The great thing about it is that we will really, really, actually use both these items!

Yes, I've reached the stage of using restraint in my coupon shopping. How about you?


Mary Ann said...

The first two weeks they ran the deals with free school supplies, I got some. They are nice to put in the shoe boxes for Samaritan's Purse, plus we use our share of notebooks,pens and tape. This week, I really didn't need anymore of the advertised school supplies so I took the week off from getting the free deals.

I have such a stock of free toothpaste that unless I need it as a filler item to roll ECB's, I haven't been buying that.

It's nice to have that freedom to step away and not feel like I have to run after every good deal!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
I try to only use coupons for the items I need.(sometimes that hard to do) I've never felt the CVS, Walgreens, etc deals were worth it. I agree with MaryAnn, when she says, "Its nice to have the freedom to step away...."


Pen Pen said...

Good for you! However, my brothers and I have been out of school FOREVER, and my mom still gets her school supplies every year. She used to keep them for the grandkids to play with, but now she gets them for herself. Since I have a grandbaby on the way, I think it's time to start school shopping again. :o)

Johnny said...

Mary Ann I do the same things with my extra school supplies. Plus I give things to the local homeless shelter. They are always in need of items.
I have started using more restraint though, sometimes I just don't have time to shop. I know that I can get it another time so I don't stress out.

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