Friday, May 15, 2009

Frugal Friday - Amazing On-Line Deals on Prescription Glasses

My new glasses:

I wear contacts 95% of the time, but desperately needed a pair of "back up" glasses. I had an old pair that would do, but accidentally stepped on them last summer. It was crazy not to have a back up pair of glasses since without them I wouldn't be able to drive. What if I lost a contact while at work, or worse, got an eye infection?!!!

I first read about buying glasses online in a Reader's Digest article. My friend brings me her parents' magazines after they finish with them. This article gives the names of several websites that are reputable. Since I had already ordered contacts on line at CoastalContacts. Com, that was the first place I checked. They had a couple pair of glasses on sale for only $6.95, lenses included!!! The shipping was $6.95 so for about $14.00 I could get a pair of glasses. I need bifocals, but my main concern for this was to be able to drive, etc. So I figured I could take a chance on ordering glasses for distance only, online, if I was only spending $14.00.

I also checked on bifocals and progressive lenses at The bifocals are $79.00 and the progressives are $89.00.

I decided to order the $6.95 pair from Coastal Contacts for distance only. These I will use for watching tv at night after taking my contacts out and/or for driving if I can't wear my contacts. I also decided to order a $79.00 bifocal pair from for multipurpose uses.

They both came in about a week and I am very pleased! So pleased in fact that I ordered another pair of $6.95 glasses from Coastal Contacts while they still have this sale going on. I will leave one pair in the glove compartment of the car, one on the bedside table and one for everything else.

This is a huge a savings over buying glasses at an optometrist's office. For example, my friend's husband bought a pair of progressive lenses two weeks ago which cost him about $300.00.

These are my suggestions if you want to try ordering glasses online:

1. If you are hard to fit or have a hard prescription to fill, you might need to use a brick and mortar optometrist. The glasses purchased on line are guaranteed, but it might not be worth the trouble if you wear glasses 100% of the time and need to make sure your glasses are right or need to have them adjusted often.

Buying glasses on line is perfect for me since I don't wear the glasses that much. It makes more sense for me not to spend $300.00 for something I will hardly ever wear.

2. Remember to get your prescription from the eye doctor when you go for a check up. If possible get them to put your PD, aka pupillary distance, on there. This is the measurement between the center of your pupils, measured in millimeters. This is the only thing that wasn't on my prescription. But, never fear! You can measure your own PD. Just use a ruler that has MMs on it and have someone measure yours. My hubby measured mine at 65.

Its not hard to read the prescription and if you have any questions, the websites explain it for you. You could also call and talk to someone who will help you. You could even fax or email the prescription to them

3. It helps if you already have an idea of what style glasses you like or that look good on you. The websites give you different face shapes and suggestions for which style looks best on which face shape. At, you can pick a face shape and see how each pair of glasses would look on that face. So you need to decide which face shape you have. You could also go to the dollar store and try on different shapes and styles of glasses to see which one you like the best on you, before going to the site to order.

4. Check around before ordering. I think I could have gotten my bifocal pair at an even better price than I did, but was so excited to order them I didn't wait.

5. Don't forget to go through the Ebates.Com site, if you have an account, to save even more! I received a few dollars in my Ebates account by ordering the glasses at

Here are the websites recommended in the Reader's Digest article:,, and

I got the best deal, unbelievable in fact, on distance only glasses at Also Coastal Contacts includes a few freebies in every package. When I ordered contacts I received a nice pair of sunglasses that I use every day. When I ordered glasses, there was a key chain with a tightening tool (tiny screwdriver) attached, and a nice cleaning cloth.

Both pair of my glasses came in a nice hard eyeglass case.

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Heather said...

wow, good to know! thanks for sharing the different sites to check out!

Melissa said...

Wow, that's a great idea! Our eye doctor used to allow BOGO coupons to be used for different patients, so my husband and I could each get a pair of glasses. Now the coupon terms have changed, so both pairs have to be for the same patient. The deals online sound amazing!

UKZoe said...

WOW, that's a good deal. my hubby's due to get his glasses redone next year and we'll have to start saving now. I wonder if there are deals like that at UK sites. Have to have a look.

Pen Pen said...

Great post, especially since I need new glasses. My old ones are hideous and I find myself wanting to wear glasses more and more. Contacts aren't as comfortable for me as they used to be. I hope to go back to the eye dr. within the next couple weeks. I will probably buy mine from Wal Mart, but will be fun to buy a spare pair online at such a good deal!

Susan said...

I'm glad you posted this! I've been wanting new glasses but just couldn't face the price, and the cheapo place I got my last ones . . . I wasn't going there again! I looked through what I need and want on several sites you mentioned, and I think I could get mine for just under $100. That includes progressive lenses and progressive sunglasses - great deal!

ancient one said...

And I'm still buying mine from the dollar store... I lose them so bad.. I just need them for reading...

The Prudent Homemaker said...

I only knew about Zenni Optical. These are even cheaper! Thanks so much! I think I will have to get some new glasses soon. I wear glasss all the time.

Now, if you can just recommend a cheap optomotrist, I would be most grateful . . .

just optical said...

These glasses are really cute and pretty,I like them very much.

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