Friday, March 27, 2009

Show and Tell Friday - Spring In My Yard

Its early Spring in the garden and all the plants seem "pregnant" with promise. The azalea blooms are about to open. The Irises are sending forth their green, pointy spikes. The clematises have started running on the ground. The daylillies have come out from their winter sleep.

For Show and Tell Friday at Kelli's House this week, I am showing bits and pieces of my yard and home that are harbingers of Spring and Summer.

Seeds bought at Dollar General:

Sunflowers in a decorative watering can bought at Dollar General:

The last camelia flower on the ground underneath the bush rooted from my grandmother's camelia bush by my mother.

A window box with a few pansies peeking out. Soon I will fill this with other Summer blooming plants.

Our pewter Wolfpack Crossing sign. (Hey at this point in the 2009/2010 football season, we are undefeated!) :o)

An old fashioned Nandina Bush, also from my grandmother's yard. It is heavy with the red berries.

A pot of pansies and another plant that made it through the winter there and is now blooming.

My little "welcome" rock.

A Spring flag. We reuse it every year and its beginning to fray.

A Garden Fairy reading her book.

Another pot with a few pansies. There are perrenials in this pot that will come up and bloom in the Summer. I like to tuck in a few other plants or sow a couple of seeds.

A Spring flag, rain guage and garden statue.

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Susan said...

Nothing like Spring and spring flowers and all the other lovely things you shared with us.

Spruce Creek Farm said...

You have so many neat items to look at! I like the cute little welcome rock and your spring flags.

Sandra said...

I LOVE the sunflower watering can! I love sunflowers and have my kitchen decorated with them and roosters.

Heather said...

very pretty! i love the garden fairy.

Smilingsal said...

Spring is springing forth around your place. Thanks for sharing. Happy Show and Tell Friday. Here’s mine:

ceekay said...

You have so many cute things in your yard. It will be beautiful when everything is in bloom!

Mrs. Miles said...

Visiting from Kelli's Show and Tell!

Wow, things are looking 'blooming lovely' around your place. thank you so much for the tour! I'm glad I dropped in to say hello!

Jadehollow said...

Love all the garden pretties..
Love love the watering can, gonna head to dollar general and see if I can get one. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Cute flags, I've been thinking about where I could put one. Cute watering can too!


ancient one said...

Loved all your photos... I enlarged the Nandina bush.. didn't know what that is .. but it sure is pretty.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see a lot of Spring is giving me hope that it will soon be here too. :)

Flowers make me smile. They just really cheer the day.

Alexandra said...

Nice! I must get to the Dollar Store for seeds. What a nice deal. :)

Julie said...

What beautiful Spring pictures! I love the little Welcome rock! Have a wonderful weekend...Julie

Leanne said...

Your garden looks so alive. Fingers crossed in a few weeks mine will too:)

Susie Homemaker said...

I keep looking for pansies at our local nursery...not, I am officially "green" with envy!


Joy said...

I love dollar general! They always have cute decorations! That little statue is adorable.

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