Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Launch Pad and Overflow Bag

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After putting the Spring pocketbook I made this weekend to use for a couple of days I wanted to report that I am really enjoying it. The thing that adds to my enjoyment is having an overflow bag and a designated launch pad.

The overflow bag can be any kind of totebag, even a recycled plastic grocery bag will suffice. The one I am using today is a totebag given away at a Dollar General Store grand opening.

What goes into my overflow bag? Anything that isn't absolutely essential for me to carry inside stores, work or church, but things I need to have easy access to at any given moment. If the bag is in my car I can always grab what I need or go back and get it if necessary.

In my bag this morning: books, coupon organizer, mini notebooks, camera, bills, pocket calendar, and in a few minutes I will add my lunch.

When I get to my destination, whether it be work, a store, church or home, I only take in what I need. If I am going in a store, I will grab the coupon organizer and place it in my pocketbook. If I am going into work, I will grab my lunch. This keeps my every day pocketbook from getting cluttered and heavy.

The only things I keep in my pocketbook all the time are my wallet, checkbooks, keys, phone, and other small items that I think are necessary or just nice to have. These include: lipstick, chapstick, nail file, pen, small grandma's photo book (grin), ibuprofen, cough drops, breath mints and small bottle of hand lotion. Every woman's pocketbook contents will be different!

The inside of my pocketbook:

My designated launch pad is where I put everything I don't want to forget when leaving the house. I bet you have one too. Mine is located on the washing machine which is located by the back door that goes out to where my car is parked.

Ready to go to work:

A funny thought: As many totebags as I have made and I use a freebie or recycled plastic grocery bag! That's just sad, isn't it? I've got to make myself a very pretty, sturdy one soon!


ancient one said...

I have one of the ones you made in the back of my car holding my plastic bags I use to load the stuff out of my grocery cart at Aldi's.

Anonymous said...

I like your launch pad and 2nd bag idea. Very smart to keep it in the car too so you don't forget things!

A coordinating tote for your purse would look so very chic. :)

Heather said...

that looks like a sturdy tote from the dollar store. very nice! you sure do pack it don't you, lol?!

Lolly said...

oh my gosh, an overflow bag is a brilliant idea. I was just diagnosed with premature arthritis and really need to consolidate my purse, which currently is as heavy as a piece of luggage with all the stuff I lug around. I am going to steal your overflow bag idea if you don't mind.
Thanks! Oh, and I love your new spring bag in the previous post!

Angela said...

Please explain the words to an ignorant British girl - here in England a woman puts her money in her purse, and keeps her purse in her handbag.
But you seem to use the word purse to mean handbag and call the smaller thing a wallet or a change-purse.
But WHY is it a pocketbook? It doesn't go in your pocket and it isn't a book!!

Susan said...

What great ideas! My pocketbook is way too heavy.

Anonymous said...

I also have a 2nd bag that I take to work everyday.

I keep my coupon organizers and coupons that may need to be clipped and organized. I do this at work. ;0

I also keep my planner and a notebook to keep an ongoing grocery list or list of weekly bargains from the ads.

I also keep a makeup bag with allergy medicine, tylenol, nail clippers etc.

My launching pad is my dining room table. I like your term of launching pad! :)


Alexandra said...

Oh my gosh, I do the same thing, but I never thought about it much. What a great post! I'm always afraid that someone will think I left my purse in the car, and I'll get broken into. I cover mine with a jacket.

I like the idea of using the shopping sack! I think that looks less tempting for the thieves.

Pen Pen said...

Great idea! I made up something similar to use for my "travel" bag between home and hubby's apartment. My bag has my address book, camera, charger, etc., my bill paying notebook, and any project or book I may be working on at the time.

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

Having an overflow bag is a great idea. Thanks for sharing it.


Fruit of her hands said...

Debbie~ What a great idea, I was trying to cram all of my things into my purse and it was just so heavy. I have a planner that I like to have with me because of the calendar in it. I have a small Bible that I like to have to read when I have time and my eating out book from Weight Watchers..Maybe I will make myself an overflow bag...like I said great idea..I can't get over how beautiful your new pocketbook is..

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