Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Hodge Podge

I'm go glad its Friday, because since Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, I don't think I've worked a full 5 days in a row until this week. So I'm definitely ready for a couple of days for "homemaking dreams".

I've been chugging right along with using my menu planner this week. I did switch some things around and learned a lesson or two.

Lesson No. 1: If my son is working night shift during a certain week, it would be better to plan easier and faster meals, such as hotdogs, spaghetti, sloppy joes, pizza, etc. I get home from work at 5:20 and he leaves for work at about 6:10, so there's no way to get a big meal on the table in time for him to eat. All week he's been taking a plate of whatever we were having for supper with him or just eating something quick from a can or the freezer. Picture a hungry guy standing over your shoulder saying, "How much longer?, I've got to go".

Lesson No. 2: Weeknight meals need to be quicker and easier. I need to do some of it ahead of time on the weekend, etc. In other words, get organized!

This is one meal from the week that was easy, inexpensive, nutritious, and good. A while back I bought a small pack of sirloin steak, less than a pound, that was marked down, and froze it for a future meal. I thawed it in the fridge while at work, sliced it into bite size pieces and browned it in a small amount of hot oil along with some onion. I only seasoned it with some garlic powder and black pepper.

I had a "steam in the microwave" bag of Food Lion brand frozen vegetables (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, water chestnuts, etc.) I cooked this in the microwave according to the directions and then added it to the meat and onion in the frying pan. Then I just splashed some soy sauce in there and mixed it all up. I let it simmer for a few minutes.

In another pot I made some rice and served the stir fry mixture on top of that.

The whole meal was only 2 or 3 dollars, tops.

Tomorrow I plan to make chicken thief stew using some leftover chicken we have in the fridge. This is one of my goals for 2009, to use left overs in soups or stews in an effort to waste less food. All I need is the chicken, frozen butter beans, canned corn, onion, canned tomatoes, etc. and I have all of that on hand, so it should be easy to do. Here is one version of the recipe from a prior post. I probably won't add the same veggies I used in that prior post, but it gives you an idea of what can be used!

My plans for the weekend are to tackle another goal from my "Home To Do List". I'm thinking I'll work on the closet in the living room or maybe our bedroom closet. There are so many jobs to choose from! I hope to post before and after pictures tomorrow or Sunday.

I also plan to work on the Valentine's Day Pocketbook listed on my "Sewing To Do List".

All week I have been working on laundry and a few cleaning chores hoping to free up Saturday for more fulfilling things, such as sewing and accomplishing other goals. I have done at least 4 loads of laundry, vacuumed some of the carpet and since I did a thorough job of cleaning the bathrooms last weekend, they will only need a good going over. I hope to get the kitchen floor vacuumed and mopped ahead of time as well, if my energy holds out!

I have been loosely following Flylady's plan this week. It really does help me to get motivated. For instance, Wednesday is "Anti-Procrastination Day". So Wednesday I got some tax stuff done that could have been done 6 months ago, but of course waited until now. However, I still got it done ahead of schedule. I also started sorting our 2008 tax info. I have made a list of things to choose from for next week's Anti-Procrastination Day.

Yesterday was "Errand Day". I made a list of errands and got the following done: Exchanged son's belt he got as a Christmas gift, made bank deposit and returned library books.

Today is "Declutter your purse and car" day. My purse isn't bad, but the car can use some decluttering!

So there's a hodge podge of my week and weekend plans! What are you up to today?


Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
I'm glad your menu planning is going well, I really find it helpful and less stressful if I have a plan. I try to do something in the crock pot once a week and on Sunday I cook something big, ie: ham, turkey, chicken or roast so we can have a few lunches and at least 2 dinners.
Just wanted to up date you on my sewing, I've gotten 3 pairs of pj bottoms made, I have one more pair to go and then a uniform top to make for a friend all for next Christmas. It really feels good. I used ribbon instead of elastic for the waist, making them drawstring. One pair is for a guy so I'm going to use ribbon but fold it in half and sew it down to imitate cording, that way I can use what I have and not buy anything, which is always a good thing.
I've been decluttering my house also, where does all the stuff come from???? ;)
Have a great weekend.

Debbie J. said...

Hi Coleen,
You are on a roll with your Christmas sewing! The ribbon is a good idea. You will be relaxing in November and December, 09. I need to get busy too! I need to decide what I can make and try to do one project a month.

I am definitely going to do some cooking this weekend in preparation for next week. I need to see what's on sale or what I already have.


Melinda said...

Thanks for posting your stir fry. I do the sirlion with only bell pepper & garlic, I'll have to try your method for variety (it sounds better)!

Seems like we're on the same wave length. :) I have been trying to do extra chores this week to free up some time this weekend. And I've been "trying" to work on menu's. And then again I'm trying to do what Rhonda does with keeping track of the groceries/coupons. So much to do so little time.

Sounds like you have got lots accomplised! I'll look forward to your next completed project!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Debbi,
Good job on meal planning. I wonder who the Valentine purse is for?????Sounds like you have gotten lots done.


Lyn said...

Would it be possible to make a little extra of your meals and put aside a plate for your son for the next day? Or make ahead a few freezer meals and he can warm one up for himself? Sometimes I do that for dh and it works out well. Then you would not have to feel the time crunch sometimes.

Mom2fur said...

You sure are busy! Did you make it to Lowes? I hope you found some cool storage things!
BTW, did you ever make beef stroganoff? It's super easy, and you can do a lot of the prep work ahead of time so you can just throw it all together.
I've kind of slacked off with menu planning, but did it last week and boy, oh, boy, I had forgotten how much easier it makes things! So you can bet I'll be working up something tomorrow. (I do my planning on Sunday, when the coupons come in.)
LOL, the word verification here is "Yeronist." Like "yer honest." Yep, I think I am, LOL! Nice to have a computer verify it.

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