Saturday, January 17, 2009

Decluttering and Organizing Kitchen Cabinets, Part One

I'm moving right along on my 2009 HOME TO DO LIST!

This week I worked a little in the laundry room cabinets, doing one shelf at a time a few mornings before work. I'll show you before and after pictures of that when I finish.

This morning I got completely sidetracked and started working on an item that wasn't even on the list, but has now been added! My kitchen cabinets.... because my hubby and I are both going crazy try to find and put away the baking dishes, mixing bowls and plastic resealable containers!

I picked up a few kitchen cabinet wire shelves and baskets from Dollar General, hoping they would work and this is what I came up with:



I used two of the wire shelves I purchased in this cabinet so I could place large baking dishes on top or underneath and still make the best use of the storage space. I was so tired of having to empty out the whole shelf to get the right size baking dish when cooking a meal. Now it will be so much easier to get to the item I need withut lifting a whole stack of baking dishes or mixing bowls. They are heavy!


In the past we have tried several different storage ideas for the plastic containers and they all end up being a mess and an aggravation. I went through all of ours and got rid of any orphan lids and bowls. Then I cleaned out another entire cabinet to use just for plastic bowls like Tupperware, Glad and Ziplock containers and other generic ones we have.

The wire basket slips onto the bottom of the shelf above it. I put all the lids that actually fit the bowls in the basket and have sorted them by size and shape. I left some of the lids attached to the bowls or sat them underneath, such as some long rectangular ones. Now, if we can just keep putting them back in the same manner, I think this will be a keeper system.

I didn't take a "Before Picture" of this cabinet. But, just trust me when I say it was bad! And such a bad use of the space. I took out everything in the cabinet and either threw it away or put it where it needed to be.

Now cooking and emptying the dishwasher will be so much more pleasant!

I haven't finished all the cabinets, but have a great start. I need to pull EVERYTHING out of the pots and pans cabinet and see what I can do in there to make that a better use of space. I can't wait to transfer that item from the "TO DO LIST" to the "COMPLETED TO DO LIST"!


Dianne said...

Very good job, Debbie and I know you must be happy with the results. The difference in the first cabinet is like night and day.

It is really hard these days because it seems like a lot of kitchens just do not have enough storage space. I know mine doesn't and it always a challenge when it becomes time to get a dish out of the cabinet or to put some away.

You did a terrific job and it shows!

Anonymous said...

Looks great!


ancient one said...

Those cabinets look so organized now. I need to do something like that. You'll have all your spring cleaning done before spring...

june@craftyniche said...

Great system! I am going to use this for my disorganized kitchen cabinets!

Pen Pen said...

Looks so good! You are really on a roll.

Terri said...

Good job! It looks so much better.

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