Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Cookbooks!

I've been richly blessed recently with FOUR new cookbooks!

My husband brought this Katie Brown cookbook to me from a trade show he attended for his job in Florida this past fall. She was at the trade show and he had her to personally sign the book for me. It says: "To Debbie G, Keep it Simple, Katie Brown". To tell you the truth I never heard of Katie Brown before receiving this cookbook, but now know she is a popular cook on PBS and I also saw her featured in the last Kraft magazine I received.

Katie Brown's Outdoor Entertaining

My husband and his family call me "Debbie G", so its not misspelled. LOL

I received this Debbie Mumm Cookbook as a surprise in the mail from an internet friend who knows I love quilting and Debbie Mumm is a favorite quilter.

Country Casseroles - Debbie Mumm

I received this one in a recent internet swap I participated in.

Comfort & Joy by Gooseberry Patch

I purchased this one from the United Methodist Women's group my sister in law is a member of.

Pleasures From The Good Earth

I ought to be able to do some mighty good cooking with these wonderful new cookbooks in my collection! I hope to share some of the recipes in the year to come.


Heather said...

ooh i love cookbooks! you're so lucky!

Rhonda in OK said...

You don't have any excuse for not know what to cook now :)

I think Katie Brown is great, she does not seem to be on any of our channels but I always liked her fun and realistic recipes and decorating ideas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
I can smell good things coming from your kitchen.

Kim said...

I love cookbooks. I'm not a great cook, but I love trying.

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

I also love cookbooks and have a large collection. I especially like the Gooseberry Patch Comfort & Joy one.


Laura Lane said...

Gotta love Gooseberry Patch books. I have Comfort and Joy, too.
Be blessed,
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

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