Thursday, December 11, 2008

CVS today at lunch

CVS deals at lunch today!


2 Glade Candles $ 5.00
2 20 oz Vitamin Waters 2.00
1 32 oz PowerAde 1.59
1 Quattro Razor 8.99
1 Neutrogena Tgel 8.5oz 4.99
3 Johnsons Easy Grip 3.57
children's soaps

Total before coupons $26.14

Coupons and Extra Bucks

$1.00 on 1 candle
$1.00 on 1 candle
$1.59 free Power ade with purchase of 2 vitamin waters
$3.00 off any 3 Johnson and Johnson's products
$1.00 off T gel shampoo
$2.00 off Quattro Razor
$5.00 off $25.00 order
$5.56 Extra Bucks
$5.99 Extra Bucks


Paid out of pocket 67 cents (NC sales tax). You can't use extra bucks for tax.

Extra Bucks Coupons earned:

$4.00 for razor
1.59 for Power Ade
5.00 off another $25.00 order

With these extra bucks and the $5.00 off another order I still have $32.04 in extra bucks to spend at CVS.


I was very careful to give the cashier the coupons in this order: $5.00 off $25.00 order, then the manufacturer's coupons, then I see how much is left and apply as closely as possible, without going over, the extra bucks. Today I was over by a few cents, so the cashier just entered the amount I needed. I lost about 20 cents, but that's no problem. I don't think I've ever come that close to zero before!

Also, for the month of December you can buy 2 12 oz bottles of Complete contact lense solution, which will be free after extra bucks. I checked the shelf, and as usual they are all gone. If I keep checking, usually by the end of the month I'll catch some on the shelf. Then I'll just roll some more extra bucks on them.

I plan to go to Walgreens tomorrow, if I can get time to get my "PLAN OF ATTACK together.


Anonymous said...

Great job! You are so smart, and purty to. WBJ

Anonymous said...

You did a great job, Debbie! Love those CVS deals. :)

Melinda said...

Sounds like you did great!

I couldn't help but laugh at your PLAN OF ATTACK! It does seem like that at times. ha.

Melinda said...

Oh yea, I meant to tell you I can't wait to see what you get at Walgreen's tomorrow!

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