Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Free Sandra Lee Cookbook Offer

Yesterday I visited my local Food Lion and purchased two 1 pound packages of Johnsonville Sweet Italian Sausage. They were on sale for buy one get one free and I had two 75 cents coupons. So each package of sausage was $1.40.

When I got home I went to the Johnsonville website to look for recipes and discovered that I can order a Free Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Cookbook if I send in three UPC codes and receipts for the sausage. I have 2 more $1.00 coupons good for the Johnsonville link sausage. This sausage is a little expensive, but If I wait for them to go on sale and use my coupons, I can get the remaining UPC code that I need and order this nice cookbook.

Click here to download the free cook book form.

I thought I'd pass that along just in case any of you have these coupons and see a good sale!

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