Thursday, October 2, 2008

Quilt Binding Tutorial - Part Two

Begin attaching the binding along the bottom lower left side about 2 inches from the diagonal cut end using a 3/8 inch seam. My quilting foot was still on my sewing machine, so I left it on long enough to finish attaching the binding. It makes it a little easier, but is not necessary.

When you get to a corner, stop stitching about 3/8 inch from the corner. Clip the thread and remove the quilt from the machine. Fold the binding up and away from the corner of the quilt, forming a 45 degree angle. Refold the binding down so it is even with the raw edge of the quilt. Resume sewing at the upper edge. Do all 4 corners the same way.

When you get back around to the beginning, trim the end of the binding, leaving it long enough to tuck inside the beginning of the binding. I have been known to make my binding strip too short and then would have to attach another strip to the end while its all attached to the quilt. So make sure yours is long enough before starting.

After you tuck the end in, continue sewing until you reach your beginning stitches. Tucking the strip into the part of the binding that you made the 45 degree angle on makes a smooth finish where the beginning and ending edges of the binding strip meet.

The last thing you do is fold the binding over to the back, covering the stitching line and hand stitch it down all the way around. The corners will be mitered on the front and the back.

I hope this will be helpful!

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