Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Morning Meanderings

What a whirlwind weekend I had!

As you can tell from my previous post the baby shower was a huge success! The games and food were great and the mom to be was showered with gifts. Preparing for the shower has been taking up my free time for about a week and the shower and travel time took up the whole day on Saturday. When I got home I crashed!

But Sunday morning I felt well rested and was able to get some things accomplished. The first thing I did was call Mama at 7:00 A.M. to check her status as to going to church. She wasn't able to go the week before, but she was feeling better this week and so we went. She has given in to my pleadings to please go in the church via the handicap ramp instead of climbing the steep steps. We are both happier now because its much less stressful for me and easier for her. I don't have to worry about her falling backwards, etc. The handicap ramp is very nice. It has a very gradual incline and has hand rails on both sides. Not only does it serve its purpose, its pretty. Its made of brick and there is beautiful landscaping on each side of it. There are rosebushes blooming now on one side called "Knock Out" roses.

Our church service was very uplifting through scripture and music. What a blessing for me to be able to attend with my mother.

After church I cooked Mama her favorite lunch of fried chicken, rice with gravy, cornbread and cut green beans. My hubby was at home cooking our lunch. He made pan fried chopped steak, gravy, baked freshly dug sweet potatoes, vegetable medley and when I got home I made some rice. I showed him how to make the rice so next time he can do that too!

I was really in the mood to sew, so after lunch I made two reusable grocery bags for my Etsy Shop. Its been so long since I made any that I had to read my own tutorial (on the right side bar) to remember how to make them!

Here's how they turned out. They both have a very autumn-like feeling to them:

Since I now have a new camera after my old one died, I'd like to start sewing more for the Etsy Shop and selling things on Ebay.

I plan to make more clothespin bags and shopping bags this week, as I have had some requests for more of these.

Does any one have any suggestions for things that I could make that would be successful in the Etsy Shop? I know its a tall order, but there must be some things I could make inexpensively and in the limited amount of time that I have available that there is a demand for!


Lyn said...

Hi Debbie,
I will get in touch with you. I have a few ideas for you if you'd like. :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great weekend, even though it was tiring.

I am curious. What is the meaning of the name "ETSY" Shop?


Alexandra said...

Cute bags! Glad your momma is feeling better enough to make church. I know that probably made her feel happy.

How about a laptop cover. I just got a small laptop - 7 inches, and I forgot to buy the cover! I'm thinking there are many people who would love to have a unique cover. Just something you can slide in with a fold over Velcro closure.

Pet toys would be cute - like a little fabric mouse with cat nip inside, or a fabric ball.

I like those herb filled sachets for my drawer.

Fabric Christmas ornaments? Some of those county ones are darling. A miniature quilt maybe?

How about headbands? I use them to keep the hair out of my face while working or washing my face.

Bible covers? Rosary bags?

Melinda said...

I have an idea for your etsy shop, pincushions. I have a particular one in mind, I'll try to find a picture of one and email it to you!

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