Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Slice of My Life

My camera is not working again!!! Its very hard to post what I want to post without pictures, but until I can get a new camera, so be it....

This is what is going on in my life this week.

1. I have been crocheting a scalloped edge around some flannel baby fabric I purchased. I've been trying to learn this off and on for over a year and I finally did it. This first one is my "learning project" so its not perfect, but its good enough I would give it as a gift. I have learned from my mistakes and will do better on the next ones I hope.

I am dying to show you a picture. AAAARRRRGGGHH!!! I also would love to show you pictures of similar work my grandmother did over 50 years ago. Eventually I'll show you.

Here is my best descriptive picture of the flannel blanket I'm working on. Try to imagine it in your mind's eye.

The fabric is 36 inches square made of prewashed flannel. It is blue with white sheep with black faces all over it. The crochet edging is made from white crochet thread, not yarn. It is scalloped and the finished effect looks kind of like lace.

I am happy to be working on this because it gives me something to do that doesn't involve the sewing machine too much and is portable. I do use the sewing machine to hem the edges before starting the crochet work.

Here are the two links I used to learn this new craft: HERE and HERE.

Both of these sites have a wealth of information for sewing and all kinds of crafts.

2. I received an email yesterday saying I had sold a book I listed on Half.Com months ago. I had forgotten all about it and was worried that I might not even still have the book, but it was right where I put all the books listed for sale. I think I'll probably make about $1.00 profit. LOL :o) I think in the future I won't list books that won't make at least $5.00 profit. Hey, at least I could buy a McDonalds Large Sweet Tea with that $1.00!

3. My new vehicle (well, new to me) is a good sturdy car. I jokingly call it my "old lady car". When I told one of my friends and my sweetie this, they both said, well you are! They are just joking, but I think I need to snazz it up a little with a bumper sticker or front license plate. Maybe I need to get some fuzzy dice or a flower lei to hang on the rear view mirror..... just kidding. This car drives like a dream. I do miss my old van..... but, I must move on..... Do any of you get attached to your vehicle? They do hold memories, don't they?

4. Speaking of memories, my church holds so many memories! I was sitting there this past Sunday remembering all the things in my life that took place there. I have attended the same church all of my life. There are many happy memories and many bitter sweet. Weddings, funerals and all the stuff life is made of.

5. My Grandson is now not only walking whereever he wants to go, but saying lots of words! Recently he looked at his Daddy and said "Up!" Daddy said, "You want to get up?". He said "yes". I think that's pretty good for an 11 month old. He'll be one year old in a couple of weeks and I can't believe how fast his first year has gone by. He is the sweetest thing in the world and I love him so much!

6. My son was gone for several days on a trip to the Mountains of N.C. and TN this past week. I was in charge of taking care of his goats. They don't need much care, just plenty of water and some food. They graze in their fenced off area which is about 3 acres, so they get most of their food that way. He called the day before he was to come home and jokingly asked me how many of his goats were dead. I said, "None that I know of!". Sure enough the next morning I saw that one of the goats had indeed died! We're not sure what happened, but he now has to take care of burying the goat. He still has 10 left.

7. Not to end this blog post with too much sad news, but our elderly sheltie, Dave, is not going to be around much longer. I am torn between taking him to the vet to have him put to sleep and hoping that he'll just die in his sleep. Lots of memories are tied up with him too!

8. We are having a bad heat wave here in N.C. this week, but the weekend forcast is looking much cooler. I have been trying to bring my lunch to avoid going out in the heat and also to avoid those jitters I get when driving during lunch, since that's when the wreck I had a couple of weeks ago happened. I still haven't driven down that same street since the accident.

I hope your Thursday is going well and that the prospect of the weekend is as exciting to you as it is to me!


Susan said...

I loved reading your "slice of life" today!

I really love Ruth's blog and the baby things she makes. She was the inspiration for me to try starting an Etsy shop (that I started and have yet to put anything into!). Your flannel blanket sounds sweet - gotta love sheepies!

We had a car when our kids were little that I just loved. It was a Ford Tempo, and it was just perfect for us and our three littles. Someone gave us an old van, though, so my husband let that Tempo go. I wasn't very happy about it - loved that car.

Your grandson sounds like a cutie! They grow and learn so fast, don't they?

I just had to LOL about the dead goat! I guess it's not funny, but the way things happened was funny.

We've had a heat wave here in Vancouver this week. We've gotten into the mid 80s, which isn't bad to southerners, but for us up here, it's HOT. Actually, people who have lived here a long time love it this hot, because the sun disappears and the rain comes back all too soon in the fall.

Well, I'm chatty today! Have a great day, Debbie!

Anonymous said...

I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I love these slice of life posts. Sorry to hear about your son's goat and the ill health of your dog -- it's always sad to lose the furry friends. I can't wait to see the sheep fabric you talked about -- my little girl loves sheep! And I still miss my very first "on my own" car, a red Chevy Cavalier that I picked out to be what I wanted.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting those links, Debbie! I can picture the blanket in my mind's eye but I still hope to see a picture of it on your blog. I would like to make a dolly blanket using that technique. I'll have to see if I have a big enough piece of flannelette. How did you make the holes? Just with your crochet hook, or did you do them by machine first?

I'm sorry about your poor dog. That is a heart-wrenching decision to have to make. It's sad that dogs have such a short life span.

Pen Pen said...

My mother in law makes baby blankets with the crochet egding. She made lots of them for me when my babies were born. They make the best blankets for babies... they wash well and keep their shape and are so pretty!

Sorry about the goat. My dad has lots of goats and he loses some from time to time.

I know what you mean about lots of memories in special places. It's nice to just sit and reflect sometimes.

Your baby is growing is fast and is so SMART!!!

Sorry to hear about Dave... this will be a tough time in letting him go. God bless!

ancient one said...

Sorry about the goat.. my husband has some to die out of the blue like that from time to time...he thinks snake bites especially if there was no sign of sickness.

I like my 4 runner for the fact that you sit up high and can see down the road.

Mom2fur said...

I'm so sorry about Dave the Dog! I am like you--the vet, or home? With my cat Mercedes, who lived to the great cat age of 20, crossing the Rainbow Bridge happened at home. It's a tough topic, but that is what felt right to me. When the time comes, you will know what is right for you, your family, and Dave!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment, even though you are so busy and have a lot on your mind! You are sweet!

Merrie. said...

Sorry about the goat; and your doggie; we here have four and we worry about that issue ourselves. I stumbled on to your blog; I am putting it on my favorites so I can come back and visit again. Merrie

Joy said...

I've been wanting to make some of those flannel blankets for a while now - they look so sweet. Can't wait till your camera is going again!



Melinda said...

I couldn't believe the goat story! I'm sure you of all people couldn't either!

I can't believe either how old your grandson is now! I remember when I first started reading your blog he wasn't even born yet! You were making baby gifts for him. Time does fly!

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