Friday, August 29, 2008

Frugal Friday - The secret of spares

I've been reviewing the book "How to Have a 48 Hour Day", by Don Aslett this week and even though the theme of the book is time management and how to get more done in the same amount of time, you just can't get around the fact that saving time saves money.

So I thumbed through the book to find a topic to use for Frugal Friday and I chose one called "THE UNDERUSED SECRET OF SPARES". (The real secret is at the bottom of this post) :O)

A very frugal habit would be to put in place some spares or extras of things you are most likely to have a desperate need for. Think of the money you could save by not having to rush out and purchase certain items at full price or at an over priced price, not to mention the gas for the car.

I would go one step further and say that any trip to a thrift store or yard sale could be an opportunity for this. Think of all the coffee pot decanters, vacuum cleaners, etc. that these sales offer. I don't want to junk up my house that I am so diligently "trying" to declutter, but within reason having spares on hand, especially if purchased for nearly nothing, can be a real money and time saver.

Below is a list I have gleaned from the book or from my own experience!:

SPARE KEYS!!!!! (much cheaper than a locksmith) Get some today!!!!

spare cash ($5.00 in your glove compartment or cookie jar could be a life saver)
toilet paper
vacuum bags/belts
gas in the tank (never let it get below 1/4 tank)
light bulbs
thread and needle
coffee pot decanter
basic tools (screwdriver, hammer,etc.)
the makings of a meal in your pantry/freezer at all times!
pantie hose (if you wear them)
Shout or other fabric spot treatment
Engine oil
Spare tire that works

I'm sure you can think of lots of things that a frugal purchased spare of would save you money, time and emotional stress!!!

I have only ONE key to the replacement vehicle we purchased after the summer wreck I was in, so today I plan to visit the small town hardware store near me to get some made. This could save me big bucks!!!!

OH YES!!! The real secret to spares is to hide them so no one in your family uses them haphazardly. They are for emergencies only! Come on, you know you have hidden things from your family. I know I have!

For more Frugal Friday tips, please go to The Biblical Womanhood Blog.


Suz said...

Nice post... The one about keys hits home. I don't know how many times I locked my keys in my car. Then it finally happened to my husband... I felt sorry for him and his frustration but liberated because for once it was him.
We went home and invested in AAA. :)

Brooke said...

we recently had coupons $6 off $60 at the grocery store and used them to stock our pantry full!

Mom2fur said...

Oh, you are so right about hiding those spares, LOL! My youngest seems to think that just because I have a half dozen tubes of toothpaste, he can open all six of them!
I'm not sure I'd call them spares, but I like having at least 2 sets of the smaller tools I need for my kitchen, such as measuring cups or spoons. That way, if one is in the dishwasher, you've got another one handy.

ancient one said...

My cousin once told me that she always buys two of everything..especially in the grocery line... she lived far away from the grocery store. She told me she still does this, even though she now lives alone. I do this also... Especially when something is on sale..

I am enjoying the info you are gleaning from your books.

houstonmom said...

I have to have a spare pair of sissors b/c mine walk off!

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