Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Operating in Crisis Mode

Hello everyone!

My mother went home from the hospital late yesterday afternoon! She seems to be doing almost as good as she was before the stroke. She's a little weaker, and does have a tiny speech impediment. My siblings and I are trying to do all we can do and she will have a home health nurse coming in starting today.

My plan is to go before work, make her coffee and see what she might need. There are three of us children who live nearby who will be taking turns spending the night for a few days until she gets back into her regular routine. She insists that we don't need to do this, but we are a little worried about her being alone this soon after having a stroke. So my turn to spend the night is tonight. On the days I'm not spending the night I plan to go by after work. Its not much out of the way for me to go by there anyway.

I have been operating in crisis mode for over a week now and offer a few suggestions for those of you who are in crisis mode now or will be in the future. We all are there at one time or another!!!

1. Remember to take time for yourself. For me this has been to continue my morning devotional reading and I've been trying to walk for just 15 minutes on the treadmill in the mornings. I lose my appetite when under stress, so its a good time to take off a few pounds I've noticed creeping up.

2. My menu planning has been very helpful. The only problem is having time to cook the foods. During this time we have been eating very simple foods and a few frozen pizzas! Everyone in my household is an adult and they all know how to go to the store and get something to eat if there's nothing in the house! I've taken the attitude that they can look after themselves and they've done quite well.

3. Just do it!!! I've found that I'm kind of a baby about doing things I don't really want to do. Aren't we all!!!??? I would have rather stayed in bed a little later this morning, but as an act of service, love and gratitude I will do what ever I need to do for my Mama during this time of her life.

4. Its only a season. Everything will settle down soon. This season of my life and my Mama's isn't easy, but is a part of life that we must accept. I don't want this season to end.....

5. Let the less important things go. For me that has meant less blogging! Also less cleaning, cooking and sewing. There will be time for those things later.

6. Never hold your plans too tightly! Remember my grand, fancy organizing plans from about a week ago? LOL Be flexible!

Have a great Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Debbie G.
Your attitude is great! This is truly just a season, and an important one. You will never regret the time you take with your Mama. Your guys will absolutely take care of themselves, and no one will starve.

I am glad you are taking a little time for yourself in the midst of this crisi. You will be of much more benefit to Mama when you feel good about yourself and your spirit.

Love to you and Blake. MLJW

Elizabeth said...

Hi Debbie,
Glad to hear mama is home and doing better. I so needed to hear this. I have been in crisis mode with Candi for 2 days now.

Denise said...

Glad your mom is doing well! You and she have been in my thoughts and prayers.


Susan said...

I'm so glad your mom is home and doing so well. I appreciate your guidelines for dealing with emergencies and crisis times, because we all have them at one time or another. My former pastor used to say, "If you don't need this sermon now, you will someday" and that applies quite nicely to crisis situations too. Keep on keeping on!

Terri said...

I'm glad your mother is home, Debbie. Those are some great tips!

Pen Pen said...

I'm so happy your mom is doing so well! With your organization skills, I'm sure crisis mode has been easier for you than most! Hang in there and I hope your world will be back to normal soon.

Ruth said...

Dear Debbie, I was out of town for a week and then involved in a car accident after returning home (I'm OK - my car is not!) -- so I haven't checked your blog for a couple of weeks. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother's stroke and am thankful to hear she is improving. You're in my thoughts and prayers as you minister to her and still maintain your job and home responsibilities. I'm glad you have siblings to share this with! Blessings to your family, Ruth

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