Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday - Store Brands

Good Morning! I will be away from my computer all day today while attending a job related seminar. I have to attend a certain number of hours of education and ethics a year to keep my certification. It will be in a nearby town about 25 miles away and I have to get a move on more urgently than usual, so my post today will be brief! :o)

My works for me Wednesday tip this week is to give store brands a try. I have added the following new ones to my list of "good" store brands:

1. Dollar General brand packaging tape. I purchased a roll this weekend for $1.50. The size was 2 " X 800 " and it states on the package "Easy & Quiet Crystal Clear". This is the BEST packaging tape I have found. It does not make any noise when you are dispensing it and if it gets stuck back on itself, it is extremely easy to get it started again! This is a great product at a good price. I know this is not a very exciting item to be so excited about, but the other tapes, even brand name, that I have used nearly drive me crazy at times.

2. Dollar Tree trash bags. I bought a box of the handle tie trash bags just to try them. Usually the cheap trash bags are thin and short. These have handle ties which do well in our size kitchen trash can, they are sturdy and only $1.00 for a box. I'm not sure how many are in the box. I will definitely buy these again.

Sometimes store brands are even better than their name brand rivals. I am willing to give them a chance. If they aren't any good, I just won't buy them again!

Have a great Wednesday and I will check back tonight!

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craftymom said...

I have also began to give store brands a chance! Glad someone else is doing it, too. I am going to try the clear packing tape and trash bags you mentioned. I've found that I like Walmart's store brand of q-tips almost as much as Johnson & Johnson, I prefer to use the dishwasher gel tabs, but will only buy them when I get a great deal...I was recently out and grabbed the Walmart brand of dishwasher liquid cleaner and have found that it cleans my dishes better than Cascade did when I used it! Go figure.

Pen Pen said...

I recently tried Food Lion drawstring kitchen bags and think they are great. No more Hefty's for me! I bought some Dollar General tape last week to reconstruct moving boxes, and was very pleased with it too! If anyone has to buy puppy pee pads, Dollar General's are the best (and least expensive too). I want to start trying more store brands too.

Mom2fur said...

It's great when you can find good quality at a good price!
BTW, when you get back--I'm doing a 400th post giveaway on my blog!

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