Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Cooking, Sewing, Cleaning.........

Hi everyone! Hope your weekend is going well.

I made my one allowed trip for the week to the grocery store to get milk and bread and any unbeatable deals at Food Lion. I also picked up a couple of ingredients that I needed to make lasagna to take to my neighbor who had a death in the family. I only spent $18.00 this week.

One of the good deals was whole chickens at 59 cents per pound. I bought two large ones and decided to try Little PenPen's advice to cook a whole chicken in a crockpot on Saturday to use later in the week. I placed the two whole chickens in two crockpots early this morning. I simply salted and peppered them lightly, put them in the pot with one cup of water. I turned them on high for one hour and then on low for about 4 hours. The chickens were so tender the meat just fell off the bone.

The first chicken was used to make my Chicken Thief Stew recipe and some homemade chicken salad. I used the dark meat in the stew and the white meat in the chicken salad. Both were delicious. This is my bowl of Chicken Thief Stew right before I ate it! Its very similar to Brunswick stew, but has a little bite to it because it has 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper. It was very good!

I deboned the other chicken and placed the meat in the refrigerator until I can decide how I will use it. I would like to find a new recipe to use it in this week. I also have a quart of the richest broth you ever saw by pouring the liquid from the two crockpots into a quart canning jar and placing it in the refrigerator. This would make some delicious chicken flavored rice or Chicken pastry. I would have to dilute it with water because it is so rich. (And very fattening I'm sure!)

While the chickens and lasagna were cooking I mopped the kitchen floor and of course, laundry was going in the back ground. The first two loads were hung on the clothesline and the remaining ones dried in the dryer.

I love sunflowers and made this clothespin bag for my Etsy Shop. I really like the way it turned out.

I also made two grocery/tote bags for graduation gifts. I think they would be handy for a person going off to college to store things in or to carry stuff around in. I also listed two identical bags in my Etsy Shop.

My plan for tonight is to sit down with my cookbooks to come up with my menus for this week. I'm excited to continue on with only grocery shopping every two weeks. Next weekend when I buy groceries I intend to make sure I get everything I need to last two weeks. I will freeze a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread.


Tori said...

Your soup looks yummy and that's a great idea to cook the whole chicken in the crock pot.

I love your clothes pin holder, I'm going to make one of those too. Very nice!

Mom2fur said...

I really need to do that 'whole chicken' thing. It's such a great idea!
Psssst--send me an e-mail at lufmikidz at aol dot com. You didn't win my contest, but I will happily make either a dishcloth or a hanger for you--even a grownup hanger, if you prefer! Just lmk!

Pen Pen said...

The Chicken Thief stew looks yummy. I think you may have posted the recipe before, but if you have time, I would love to have it. (I bought .59 cent chickens last week too) I love brunswick stew and my husband would love it with the extra bite in it. The clothespin bag is gorgeous.

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