Thursday, April 24, 2008

Small Town America

Good Morning! I snapped this picture on the way to the mailbox to get the paper this morning. Its going to be a beautiful day with highs in the low eighties. It was 54 degrees when this picture was taken. Speaking of the newspaper, we either have a new paper person or the old one has shaped up! Our paper is coming early again. For months we had to wait until we got home at night to read it.

Well, here in North Carolina we are going to be the center of the political world until our primary is over! This is unusual for us, since by the time we have our primary, everything's usually already decided. This year our primary is actually important to the presidential candidates.

Between the commercials for the state governor and the presidential candidates, I'm about ready to throw the T.V. out the window! I noticed yesterday that Andy Griffith has a new commercial endorsing one of the governor candidates. That was kind of refreshing. LOL

I received a personal call from someone in Hillary Clinton's campaign headquarters asking if I had any questions about where she stood on issues. I replied, "If I can't figure that out by watching all her commercials on T.V. and watching the news, I'll never know!" That was the end of that phone call!

I definitely don't want this blog to get too political, but to tell you the truth, I don't much like any of the candidates!

On a lighter note, I thought I'd give you a sample of what my morning commute to work is like.

My main route to work has been totally changed against my will due to bridge work on the main road to the town I work in. Not that this bridge couldn't use some work! I just hate going so far out of the way every morning and afternoon. The bridge in question is narrow enough that I don't like to meet other vehicles on it. I always adjust my speed so that the car I'm meeting will go through first or I'll go through first. The bridge is out for 110 days, or so says the sign. The work started on March 24th, so I'm stuck with this until at least July.

Nonetheless I have two alternative routes. One is to go about 10 miles in the opposite direction of my work place and hang a left on the main highway. This highway has too much traffic for my taste.

The second route is through the country on winding narrow roads. I pass through a very rural area with all kinds of farms and pretty countryside. Recently I hit someone's guinea who ran in front of my vehicle. I killed the poor bird and he broke my "NC State" sign on the front of the vehicle. I felt so bad about it and every time I pass back by this house I see the bird's lone companion.... :o( He (or she) only has chickens for friends now.

The name of one of the roads I travel on now has the word "Bear" in it. Hopefully I won't see any bears!

I never saw the kid's movie "CARS", so I thought the owner of a wrecker I saw recently was pretty clever. He had hand-painted in big letters on the front, "TOW MATER". I was pretty impressed, until someone told me that came from the movie... LOL

I hope you have a great day! Here is another picture of my mailbox in the Spring!


Anonymous said...

Your area is just so beautiful. I think the rural drive into work sounds much nicer too.

Anonymous said...

Yeap, we're definitely into "Road Construction" season. :o)

Blessing, Paula

Pen Pen said...

I would take the same road to work that you do.... guineas and all. I laughed at your political post, as I saw the Andy Griffith commercial the other day too. Somehow the endorsement doesn't mean as much coming from the "old" man. Now, if he were still young and handsome, and dressed in his sheriff outfit.... then that endorsement may mean something!!!!

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