Thursday, April 3, 2008

My little fuzz head is 21 today!

Its been a wild ride!

Things my guy loves: His family, four wheeling, hunting, his goats, his trucks, working, Chef Boy R Dee and his Mama's cooking! He is such a big hearted guy, but you would never know it unless you were close to him. He is always honest. He makes a lot of noise. He's my baby.

This is the little celebration I had waiting for him when he got home from working the night shift this morning. His favorite food is Stuffed Shells. That's confetti on the table and a Happy Birthday Banner strung up across the front of the china cabinet. His gifts contained necessities like socks, t shirts, jean shorts and a new lunch box.

These are some of his goats:

Happy Birthday Jacob!


Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
Wow Sure wish I had another daughter. :) You are a good mommy.

Rhonda in OK said...

Happy birthday to Jacob! He was and still is a cutie. I know how proud you must feel to have such a wonderful son.

the nest egg said...

Happy Birthday Jacob! :)

He was a cute baby that turned into a very handsome man.

I'm still looking forward to that picture of the goat riding in his truck! :)


Mom2fur said...

Cute as a baby, gorgeous as a young man! Happy Birthday, Jacob!

Alexandra said...

What a sweet baby looks like it was taken yesterday. Time flies! Handsome and big hearted - what a wonderful combination. Happy birthday, and may God bless and protect him.

Miranda said...

Your son is quite a handsome young man! Here's hoping he had a wonderful birthday!

Pen Pen said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jacob! What a cutie! When I first saw the baby picture, I thought it was your grandson, and I exclaimed "Oh, look at that blonde hair!" Your son grew up to be a very handsome man. I, too, am looking for the picture of his goats in the truck with him!

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