Monday, March 10, 2008

A Monday Minute - The Master List

This week's Monday Minute is about using a Master List.

We all make lists, some more than others. They range from those little notes scribbled on scraps of paper, to those long detailed lists of things we know we can't possibly get done.

My new plan of getting organized includes making a master list. This list will contain all the things that come to my mind that I need to do. The items on the list can be unimportant, urgent, or long range. These are some of what's on mine this morning.

1. Work on taxes
2. Work on business bookkeeping
3. Mama's taxes
5. CVS/Walgreens
6. Mama's birthday
7. Son's birthday
8. Son in Law's birthday
9. Call hair dresser for appointment
10. Call Dr. to schedule annual appointment
11. Easter plans
12. Pay ________ bills due this week.
13. ________ draft is the 12th.
14. Sew items for Etsy Shop.
15. Mail Etsy Shop Orders and Ebay items.
16. Update checkbook and balance with bank on line.

I try to write down everything needed in my little day planner and then check that on a monthly and weekly basis. I can transfer things from that to the Master List as they come up. Recurring items, like bank drafts, need to be written down on each month's page.

For instance, next week I need to return library books and make sure money is in the right account for a bank draft. So I'll add those to next week's Master List.

Some of these things don't require me to do anything right now, but are there for me to start at least thinking about. As they become more urgent, I'll work on those more.

Some of these things require me to take action right away.

The thing to remember about a Master List is that you don't intend to do all these things right away. There's no pressure to check them all off today! It takes the pressure off you by remembering things for you.

I also use a Master List at work. I type it up on the computer and edit it at the beginning of each month. Some things are recurring, so they stay there. I add new things as they come in. It helps to update the list at the end of the day and week too. Planning my day the afternoon before makes the next day less stressful.

I also want to follow along with Flylady as far as the zone she is working in each week. This week its the kitchen and mine needs work! So I'm going to put a list on the side bar of the things I want to get accomplished this week in the kitchen.

What about you? Do you make lists and if so, what kind?

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
Yes I am a list maker. If I don't write things down I will forget them. Love your list. Very detailed.

Anonymous said...

I do keep lists, but I need to be better organized with it all. I get distracted and forget things too if I don't write them down.

melinda said...


I usually make a daily list. While at my desk at work I will jot down something that needs to be done as it comes to me.

I think my problem is I don't go long range enough and I end up having to do something at the last minute.

Thanks for the tips, I'll definitely be working on it!


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