Friday, March 14, 2008

Frugal Friday

If you've ever paid a bill late or forgotten about a draft, this is one way to help yourself remember and avoid any late charges.

Just write down on an index card all your bills, the amounts due and the due dates. This fits easily on the inside of your check book cover. Mine has a clear plastic inside that I can slip this into. Just remember to check this regularly to see where you are on your bill paying for the month and its also a great way to see where you are on your budget.

I go a step further and write down any I tend to forget in my little planner. I have a couple of bills that were always due the same day for years and all of a sudden the due date was changed. I'm set in my ways and just keep forgetting that they are due on a different date. This helps me to stay on top of it!

I got this idea from Laine's Letters. We used to keep a list of all this on a legal pad each month, but the index card is much simpler.

For more Frugal Friday tips go to Biblical Womanhood.

Happy Friday!


Elizabeth Sue said...

Great post Debbie, by the way CFO Moms has moved to I hope to see you there.

Lady Why said...

Now THAT is a great idea!

The Q Family said...

Great tip! I am using mostly online payment so it does help for me to not miss the deadline.

BarbaraLee said...

If you use your computer calender alot that would be good too. I put a reminder on it so when the time came I have this bell w/sound flashing on my screen. I use my computer to track my accounts.

Mom2fur said...

This is an excellent idea. I do something similar, but I list my bills and the dates due in a notebook. Check registers are a little too easy for me to lose, and kind of hard to read.

The Nest Egg said...

Great idea! I think I'll try that.

Speaking of Lanie's Letters. I haven't seen her post in a while, have you? Has she quit her blog? I always enjoyed reading her "letters".


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