Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cooking With Love

Sometimes cooking can be drudgery, especially when I don't plan well. I can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of my days and forget what its all about. Last week I was very unprepared and although we had plenty to eat, there wasn't much joy in the process!

I am being more prepared and organized this week, Praise the Lord!

This morning before work I made lasagna for tonight's meal. When I get home I'll make salad and bake some crescent rolls or garlic toast.

As I was busily trying to get the lasagna together at 6:00 A.M. this morning I thought about how much my guys like lasagna, salad and bread and how nice it would be to have it almost on the table by the time I got home. I could just feel my love for all 3 of them going into that lasagna!

So my Kitchen Tip for today is to cook with love. These are some ideas:

1. Of course, plan ahead.

2. When you are cooking think of it as an act of service to those you love. You are cooking for them as if you were cooking for the Lord.

3. Try to cook nutritious meals that will benefit their health and well being.

4. Try to cook at least one thing at every meal that each person likes.

5. The presentation of the food can make it more special. On a week night, try candles, cloth napkins, and your best dishes.

6. Our boys like to eat AT ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT, either because they just like to or because their work/school schedules dictate when they eat. We almost always have food available they can just microwave. My hubby makes plates for them and puts their names on it so when they come home and open the fridge, they have their own personalized food. How special is that!!!? I think they will look back on this season of their life and remember how they always had food they liked.

7. I make my son's lunch that he takes to work. I don't have to do this. After all he is almost 21 years old. But I WANT to do it. It helps him a lot and I can show him my love that way. I always put in foods he likes. He really appreciates this extra effort by me and always thanks me.

I think that if we think of cooking as an expression of our love and as a service to our loved ones, it won't be such drudgery after all!

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BLUE SKY said...

This is so true! For the longest time, R wanted to "diet" but I didn't. (Which we both know he DOES NOT need to lose weight) I finally decided I should try to help him as my wifely duty and because I love him. Now we eat very healthy and I am always trying to find new ways to help him eat better without eating the same thing every day. PS Goose is wearing his Sesame Street Thrift Store Overhauls and they are so cute!

Pen Pen said...

I think that while thinking of our family, as we cook, it does make it seem less a chore, and more a pleasure. I make plates for my son too, and he loves coming home from work to find them. How sweet of you to still fix your son's lunch!

Mom2fur said...

I make my daughter lunch, too! She's 23, but I still love to play 'mommy.' She's trying to lose weight, and I made her some low-cal vegetable alfredo. She just raved over it! I made a big batch and put it in individual servings in the freezer. So now she just grabs one to take to work. I'll be making her other low-cal, healthy goodies, too!
Really, does anything say 'love' as much as cooking for your family?

Anonymous said...

You are such a good cook that whatever you make taste great.
Love, Papa Jack

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Thanks for the reminder! I love taking care of my family but sometimes I get caught up in thinking about other things.

BarbaraLee said...

I have a sign that I picked up a craft store that says
"Moms kitchen homemade meals made with love"
This can be a challange for me because dh is a picky eater and because of a serious accident he 1/2 a mouthful of teeth which makes it hard for him to eat. So things can't be tough or hard. I pray alot when it comes to meal times. I want him to enjoy his meals also.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Debbie,
I love to cook.I don't find it to be a chore. Now if I just had a full time skully maid I ould be in good shape. LOL

Elizabeth Sue said...

Great post, what a sweet mama you are to pack lunches. God Bless!

melinda said...

I like what you wrote, "if we think of cooking as an expression of our love and a service to our loved ones, it wouldn't be such a drudgery after all". I really need to keep that in mind!

Alexandra said...

Great post...makes me want to be one of your children. ;) You are a great mom. I hope my boy will let me make him his favorites when he's 21 as well. :)

BTW: I looked for that fabric I saw at the bulk- buy thrift and they were gone! a lot of folks are getting the sewing bug lately.

Alexandra said...

Oh, and I know you are in no way old enough to be my mom! Just to make that clear. LOL. You are just the kind of mom we all wish to have.

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