Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Sewing Room

Today I have been working on adding some special touches to my sewing room. I removed everything from the room that didn't belong in a sewing room. I have been slowly taking over this area and have just about claimed it for my own sewing room. The only thing left is my daughter's piano which will be moved to her home in the spring or summer, hopefully. I would like for this space to reflect the things I like, to be organized, yet cozy.

These are some pictures of things I have been working on this morning.

This cork board and sunflower garland are hanging over the sewing machine. I love sunflowers! I have been taping up pictures of projects on that wall so now I can pin them to the cork board.

I can never keep up with the time when I'm sewing, so I placed this clock where I can see it easily. I need to leave home in the mornings for work by 8:00 and nearly every day I try to "sew just one more little bit" and end up being rushed, so maybe this will help me.

This soft comfy seat cushion and rug will making sewing more cozy. The rug will help keep the foot pedal from sliding across the floor and will also keep my feet warmer. This an old chair with wooden slats for the seat, so the cushion will be nice.

This shelf unit will help me get organized.

This is for hanging finished pocketbooks.

This is my favorite quilt hung on the wall with another little sunflower garland draped across it.

My husband gave me this 2 or 3 years ago. The baskets contain all kinds of sewing items. I plan to go through them and organize them this week to make better use of this space.

This a little side table and shelf beside the sewing machine.

I'm off to spend the afternoon sewing in this cozy little nook!


the nest egg said...

Really nice!!! It looks very organized. I think you need to do a post on time management! You get the most done than any other person I have seen, seriously! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
How wonderful. It is so nice to have a spot of all our own. I think my decluttering and organizing has rubbed off on you. LOL

Susan said...

It's so nice! I think some time management secrets would be nice, too!

Mom2fur said...

Everything looks so nice! I wish I could make my sewing room just for sewing. But I have my bookshelves and computer table in here, too. Still, little by little I've been reorganizing it to make it a more pleasant place to work.
I know one thing I awesome rooster rug like you have, LOL!

Rhonda in OK said...

Your room is so nice! Your stack of baskets are esp. cute.
I think you are amazing to accomplish so much sewing too.

Pen Pen said...

Your sewing area looks very cozy. I love the clock idea; time does fly when you are having fun! Your pocketbooks are great and I think it is so wonderful that you are getting all these orders!

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