Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2008 to you and your families!

I am looking forward to 2008 and am in the organizing, exercising, eat more healthy, cleaning, etc., etc., etc., mood!!! Starting a new year is just the motivation I need to improve many things.

I've already started planning Christmas for 2008! I haven't been taking advantage of the deals at Walgreens and CVS for about a month now, didn't have the time to even look at the sales ads. But yesterday at lunch I went to Walgreens and purchased my Christmas cards for 2008. They have beautiful, high quality cards at 75% off. I bought 30 nice cards for $2.24. I plan to start addressing them this month. The cards I bought are SO PRETTY! There are 2 each of 15 different designs. I saw each design being sold in a box full of just that design, but this box has 15 different ones.

I also bought a package of gift tags for 24cents. I don't need any wrapping paper, as I have several rolls that weren't even opened this past Christmas, so I passed on that. But if you need any its 75% off at Walgreens. I find that the Seasonal items at Walgreens and CVS hang around a while and get marked down even further as time goes along, whereas at Walmart and Dollar Tree, the items sell out pretty quickly.

Here's my to do list for New Years Day:

1. Finish taking down Christmas decorations. I already took down most of them, just need to un-decorate the tree and store things. All of our Hallmark ornaments that we have collected for 20 plus years have to go back in their individual boxes and this takes a little time.

2. Work on bookkeeping for husband's business. Month end and year end stuff.

3. Cook black eye peas, etc.

4. Clean bathrooms.

5. After the tree is taken down I can set up my sewing machine again and need to plan and work on some projects.

6. Watch football with husband as it will be on from sun up til when ever today!


Its also time to start thinking about tax time. Last weekend I started a "tax box". In this I have placed all 2007 information we have accumulated all year and have a place to put all in coming stuff. We've already received tax booklets from North Carolina and in the box they went. Every time a 1099 or W-2 comes in I just throw it in the box. This helps to keep it all together and I can start working on it all along. My son just needs his W-2 and we're ready to go on his. Sure hope he gets back some money like he thinks he's going to! LOL


ancient one said...

Good Ideas in this post!! I have a big yellow envelope on the computer desk that I put all tax related things in... ready to go to the tax man. (No Way I could do them myself)

After reading about your savings, I just might have to get myself a CVS card..LOL

Pen Pen said...

Smart you! I haven't had a chance to go shopping after Christmas yet, but hope to go today or tomorrow. I will need more wrapping paper for next year. I did save all the Christmas bags I could get my hands on this year... I am in pretty good shape for next year with bags! Happy New Year!

Kim said...

Debbie, you certainly inspire those of us who cannot get organized. I barely made the deadline for Christmas this year!

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