Thursday, January 24, 2008

Electric Bill

Our electric bill came for January and "YIKES" went up $50.00. Now I know its supposed to go up during high use months like January and July, but this bill was based on December, and we had a mild December.

So in any event, I immediately went into action to try to slow this down a little. I haven't been hanging clothes because its winter time, but we having been having some nice days and I do have a nice laundry rack. So I am making more of an effort in this area. I found a good spot to put the laundry rack that is over a heating vent and out of the way. I'll be prepared to hang out clothes when the weather cooperates and especially since Winter's days are numbered and Spring is on the way.

Our dryer is really old and may not be too energy efficient anyway. It's probably a good idea to avoid using it as much as possible to prolong its life.

A couple of months ago we got rid of a 1970ish refrigerator that was in the garage and served as a beverage center and over flow refrigerator. I felt the old fridge was adding quite a bit to the monthly bill.

Our hot water heater had a bad thermostat which was making the water boiling hot and that has now been repaired. This may have been contributing to the high bill as well.

I need to go around the house and check for ways to cut the bill even further. I know a couple of places that could use some weather stripping and/or draft dodgers!

Sounds like another simple sewing project to me! See this link for how to make simple draft dodgers

I am thinking of using rice in these because I have a huge bag of rice that I use to make microwave heating pads.


Pen Pen said...

Our power bill was up quite a bit too, and we didn't even have a big Christmas tree! I sometimes think they automatically raise the prices for Dec., assuming everyone is burning Christmas lights. I think rice would work very well in the draft dodgers.

Kim said...

I saw another pattern on TV that would work too. You get pipe covers, those gray foam long tubes that you close up with sticky tape ($1 at Home Depot). You then make a long tube that is with width of your door. You slid in two pieces of cut foam and pin them to the sides. Then you sew a seam along that keeps them in place. You then have a foam tube covered with fabric on one side, a flat piece of fabric under the door then another piece of fabric wrapped foam on the other side. Did that make sense at all? :)

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