Friday, January 18, 2008

Ebay Secrets?

I have been steadily educating myself on how to make money on line and am having some success!

Several other bloggers advised me to list the auctions so that they would end late Sunday night. I was such a new Ebayer, I hadn't even thought about this. So now I start my auctions on Tuesday nights for 5 days or Thursday nights for 3 days. I might even consider a 10 day auction started on Thursday night which will let the item run for 2 weekends. This would only be worth it if the item is apt to earn a large amount of bid.

Some bloggers also directed me to some good internet sites with good Ebay information. Thanks for everyone's help!

The reason for this Frugal Friday post is to share these two library books I am reading. I saw an infomercial on TV for a product that was supposed to help a person earn thousands on Ebay. I watched it and was a little tempted to buy it.

I'm sure lots and lots of people do order it. But, why pay for something like that when there is so much free information out there? A quick search of Amazon shows that there are lots of books that tell you how to use EBay. There is lots of information on line as well.

I have also learned that timing is important. Right now since it is January and lots of people are trying to get in shape by exercising, I am selling the exercise dvds that I'm not using or don't like. I am having a lot of in interest in these. I actually sold one for $11.00, plus shipping. I haven't used this dvd in about 2 years and wasn't apt to again, so WOW, I'm hooked!!!

For more Frugal Friday tips, please visit Crystal's blog at Biblical Womanhood.


Vanessa said...

Timing really does matter. Good luck in your ebay endeavors.

Kirstin said...

Great tips. I usually sell most of my girls' school stuff on ebay. For those, timing definately matters. last year I did better than the year before. I haven't sold anything other than those. Great communication with potential buyers is important too! I think they appreciate quick responses, letting them know you've shipped the item, etc...

Anonymous said...

You just inspired me to list an exercise DVD I don't use. If I could just make $3 for this old thing, I'm good.

Pen Pen said...

Good going! It's very addicting. You'll find yourself sitting around the house, saying "hmmm... wonder if that would sell on ebay?" LOL

Vickie said...

I am inspired! Ebay is something that I have always wanted to do but keep putting it off. This year is the year I am going to seize the day!

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