Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Little Minutes

Do you ever have a big job to do that just seems overwhelming? I do!

The way I deal with these is to do them in little, sometimes teenie, steps.

One example: At my office we needed to declutter and organize our huge file room. It had been accumulating stuff for years, so it didn't have to be done in a hurry. I decided that every time I got up to go to the bathroom, which is in the file room area, I would throw away one thing or organize one little thing. One of my co-workers got in on the fun too. Before long the file room was all straightened out. This also works for filing. We sometimes accumulate 2 or 3 boxes of files to be filed. So instead of spending an hour or two on this, every time I get up to go to the bathroom I will file a handful of maybe 5 files. Before you know its done or kept up to date if I do it consistently.

At home this could be done this way: If you are watching tv, every time there is a commercial, get up and do as much of a certain job as you can and then run back in just in time for the show to start back. I have cleaned my bathroom this way before. Spray down the shower with cleaner during one commercial, scrub part of it during another commercial, scrub another part during another commercial, rinse it during another commercial, clean the..... you get the idea!

You can break down lots of jobs into small jobs and put them on your to do list.

I am trying to do some Christmas decorating this way. My to do list for this week is something like this:

1. take down fall wreath.
2. give pumpkins to goats.
3. remove all fall-like decorations in house
4. Get down Christmas wreath from attic
5. Get down Christmas tree from attic

Just doing these things, one or two a day, will make such a difference this weekend when I start decorating!

More examples, clean out your junk drawer while talking on the phone. Organize your purse while waiting for a family member to get ready to go out the door.

It would also be a good idea to have a list of jobs that only take a minute or 5 minutes that you can do when the available time arises!

So use those little minutes that we all have available to get some jobs accomplished. It works for me!


Bethany Sue, CFO said...

Debbie, I just love that picture of you and your grandbaby! What a doll! And you look so beautiful holding him! God Bless!

Anonymous said...

I agree with bethany sue,you are a beautiful grandmother! That grandbaby of yours has always been a cutie,but he just gets even cuter the older he gets.

Thanks for all of your great post. :)


Elizabeth said...

Hi Debbie,
That is how I have been working on my home this past week. Taking each closet and drawer one at a time.
Your db is so cute.

Western Warmth said...

Good tip!

Blue Sky said...

Great tip Mama!! I think I might start that today. You may have saved my home from...well...ME!

Littlepenpen said...

Great tips... I hope to tackle my bedroom closet next week. (a major tackle) You and the grandbaby ARE gorgeous!

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