Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Last Minute Gift Ideas

I saw this gift idea in our newspaper yesterday and thought it was so cute, I just had to share it with you.

Take a whisk, fill it with candy and attach a tag that says: "We whisk you a Merry Christmas!". You could tie a pretty ribbon around it too. This would make a great gift by itself, but could also be combined with other kitchen items to make an even bigger gift. It would also be very cute in a Christmas stocking along with other kitchen items.

Today at my office we will have a little Christmas party. We only have 6 employees. 3 bosses and 3 underlings! LOL. Just kidding! Us 3 girls exchange little gifts and we will have food to eat all day!

My gifts to my two coworkers include: A glade battery operated candle, a 2 year Dayspring planner, a magnetic notepad, and a handmade cosmetic bag containing tissue, chapstick, travel size lint roller and hand lotion. Here is my post showing the cosmetic bags.

I wrapped all these separately in homespun type Christmas paper and tied jute twine around each one in a bow. Each girl's gifts are in a basket, except the candle which wouldn't fit.

I am thinking seriously about stopping at Walmart on the way to work and putting together a Whisk gift to stick in the basket too.


Penny said...

Your gifts for your coworkers sound wonderful. Needless to say, mine are getting the hand soap I posted about. ha! I did the kisses and wire wisk idea one year and everyone liked them!

Anonymous said...

I think your gifts sound wonderful! I was able to find some of the notebooks you mentioned at Dollar Tree (so cute) but sadly wasn't able to find the Dayspring planners.

I am sure your co-workers will just love your gifts.

Happy Holidays,

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