Friday, December 28, 2007

Frugal Friday

Hi everyone! Hope you have enjoyed your Christmas week. I was off from work 4 work days, which when combined with the weekend gave me six days off in a row! It was great!

My frugal Friday tip for today is:

Now that Christmas is over, step back and look at how it went. What part of Christmas was most special to you and your family? What foods were a hit? Which kinds of presents were the best? What would you change? How could you have saved money now that you think back on it and it is still fresh on your mind? Write that down in your planner for November, 2008 to remind you.

Now is the time to take notes on these things so that you will remember how to best celebrate Christmas at your house next year.

These are the things I would like to do differently next year:

1. I will have things more organized. This means no last minute Christmas shopping, wrapping, cooking or card sending. I was sick during the week before Christmas and am still on the mend, so that combined with waiting til the last minute was really hard. I would like to work on hand made gifts starting now! I hope to do some things ahead of time like addressing Christmas cards.

2. We cut back on what we spent on each person by half this year, but still had a pile of presents. It was so much fun!!! I really enjoyed giving the few handmade gifts I was able to get done and I think the recipients enjoyed them too. So I will remember next year, it isn't how much you spend that makes Christmas special.

3. I want to write "to do" items in my planner for each month of the year to spread out some of the work associated with Christmas.

4. I made too many different kinds of foods. Every one is so busy and excited on Christmas day they don't need as much food as I made anyway. I must remember that next year.

5. The key for next year for me will be to simplify. I need to be kinder to myself. Working full time simply does not give me the time to do large scale decorating, etc. I need to accept that and do what is comfortable for me.

Happy Friday!


Blue Sky said...

Great tips mama! An Christmas was AWESOME by the way!

Pen Pen said...

Simple, simple, simple... if we can just remember this! Right?

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