Friday, November 9, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday

I made this pillow as a surprise for my husband, a huge NC State Fan, a few years ago. I thought this would be a good idea for Christmas gifts this year if you are looking for some ideas.

If you have any sports fans on your list, all you have to do is use their favorite team's colors for the fabric on the pillow and cross stitch the name of the team and their mascot for the front. No special pattern needed. Just use an alphabet pattern of your choice.

It can be any sport and it can be for a college team, professional team or even a local high school team.

I have a couple of guys in mind who would like one of these this year. We are going on a road trip next weekend and I would like to have one to work on while riding in the car. We'll see!

Oh, I almost forgot, it doesn't have to be a sports team pillow. My son doesn't care a fig about any sports teams, but loves to hunt. So I have made him camouflage pillows and pillows made with deer fabric. So let your imagination go to work to come up with a pillow theme for your guys!

I also did some sewing earlier this week that I already posted, but here are 2 mini wallets I made last Saturday again!

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Mom2fur said...

The pillow is a wonderful idea! It's so hard to think of what to give a guy that isn't too expensive or overdone. How about school or college logos for the center, too?
I like the wallets, too!

Littlepenpen said...

You are so talented and so full of ideas! I can just imagine those little wallets in the cutest fabrics... they will make wonderful gifts!

Ginny said...

You can never have enough pillows. Great idea for sports fans! Your mini wallets are adorable. Great Bazzar item. Happy crafting. :)

Blue Sky said...

I want one! (wallet) :)

Emily said...

The pillow looks great and I love the wallets.

Anonymous said...

I like the logo idea. I would do this for my bro and SIL since they are huge fans of particluar teams. But I recently got notification that they don't want to gift anymore! Oh well, I think they would have loved it! Great ideas!

Momma said...

That pillow still looks good, even being a couple of years old. No spills or accidents near it!

That wallet is very cute. I'm sure my children would love them!


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