Saturday, November 3, 2007

Saturday Plans

Good Morning!

Its a crisp Fall day here and I am loving it! My trusty indoor/outdoor thermometer says its 47 degrees. We've had 2 windy days. I love to hear the sounds that the wind blowing makes in Fall and Winter. My husband took down our Fall flag temporarily to prevent the flag pole from breaking or the flag from tearing! We were being pressed between Hurricane Noel and a cold front and the result was wind! But we had no problems and now it looks like the Hurricane has turned into a Nor'easter and will be blowing our Northern friends around this weekend. The weather man says we might have our first hard freeze next week.

With that being said, I will be moving some plants around today. I have several Aloe plants on my front porch that I divided from the Mama plant last spring and which have gotten pretty big. I need to keep them inside through the winter in order to keep the line going. These plants started from one Mama plant that my deceased former Mother-in-Law gave me many years ago. Most of my houseplants stay inside year round. I have several African Violet plants and some plants that were gifts during a sickness or death in the family that I like.

I'm already doing the normal laundry with one load in the washer and several piles on the floor. I'm planning on hanging out a couple of loads since the weather is supposed to be sunny. My days of hanging laundry will be limited from now until next spring, so I need to take advantage of the weather. I hung out 2 small loads this week before going to work. It was quite chilly out there at 7:30 A.M.! Also our time will go back to standard time tonight so it'll be almost dark when I get home from work for a few months! :o(

My son will be coming home from his night shift in a few minutes and will be going to bed for a few hours, so I need to do my vacuuming before he goes to sleep. I find that by the late afternoon I'm a little too tired and unmotivated to get any heavy vacuuming done. I'm a morning person by nature and that's when the most work gets done at my house. I'm just not motivated at night usually.

I've got a bunch of sewing ideas in my head. I haven't done any sewing in a whole week! I still plan on making some of the mini wallets and must make the place mats, napkins and coasters that I received a request to do.

I bought a boneless pork loin that was on sale for 50% off and am planning on roasting that today and also making some black eyed peas. I hope that the pork loin will provide meals for us for a couple of days. It weighs 4.44 pounds.

I have made "some" menu plans for this week. Some possible dishes are:

Home style macaroni and cheese
Beefy One Pot Dinner
Chicken Enchiladas
Baked Pizza Mac
Saucy Tomato & Pepper Steak.

Some of these recipes came from the Kraft Food and Family Magazines I received. I'll let you know if they turn out to be family favorites. A recipe has to meet the following criteria to be considered a family favorite: Tasty, frugal, easy, and quick to make on a week night!

I purged my coupons already this morning! I removed all the coupons that expired on October 31st and am ready for tomorrow's Sunday paper coupon inserts and CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid sales papers.

I also remembered to mail off my Walgreens' rebate form and the rebate form for the $5.00 Tylenol Rebate. I was a little shocked to realize that the Walgreens coupons I got last week that are good on my next shopping order are only good for about another week! I've got $16.00 to spend at Walgreens this week. Lets hope they have some good deals on things we need and use around here!

So there you have it! My day is going to be spent at home, where I've already lit a Fall smelling candle. I hope I don't have to go anywhere! If I'm able to get some sewing done, I will post the results!


Littlepenpen said...

Your day sounds wonderful already! I am cooking a pork roast today too. I am also cooking a beef roast in the crock pot to make vegetable soup with for next week. Tonight I'm making a pot of chicken and pastry for tomorrow's lunch. It should be a good day for cooking!

Susan said...

Sounds like you have a homey, cozy day planned! I miss having coupons to use at the store - there aren't very many here and the prices are so high anyway that the coupons don't do a lot to lower the bill! LOL

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Your day sounds alot like mine, except no ones coming home from nite work. Hope you accomplish all that you have set out to do. Have a great weekend!


Bren said...

Elizabeth sent me over. Great blog. I look forward to learning some frugal tips! Your quilts are beautiful!

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