Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dollar Tree Update

In my last post I mentioned some items I purchased at Dollar Tree that I really liked. I want to report back on the "Angels" CD. It is wonderful! I am excited that I just accidentally found it. Some of my VERY favorite songs are on there and I didn't even realize it.

Here are my favorites: You Lift Me Up, In the arms of the angel, Tears in Heaven, Over the Rainbow, Angels Among Us, Heaven, Fur Elise, The Wind Beneath My Wings. There are several classical songs on there that are good too.

The bad news is that the Dollar Tree I was at yesterday was in another town. I was working at another location yesterday on the job. Today I went to my regular Dollar Tree, and no Angel CD, No Dayspring planners and No, 5 X 7 notebooks with elastic band and pocket. :o(

I will be on the look out at other Dollar Trees if I am near one because I have some good ideas for these purchases.

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