Sunday, October 7, 2007



Yesterday I went to a small church thrift store to just look around. I thought I might run across some treasure and also to check out the selection of baby clothes. I knew that sometimes the selection of baby clothes can be nice and thought maybe I could pick up Dylan some winter play clothes in a larger size than he wears now. You know how fast babies grow!!! I found these for 25 cents each for a total of $1.61 including tax. The brand names include "Baby Gap", "Little Me", Osh Kosh and "I love you this much". The short overalls are big enough for next spring when the weather warms back up and the long sleeve onesie will be perfect with some little pants or overalls this winter. I would like to go back when I have more time to pick up some more items. I washed and dried these clothes inside yesterday (it was rainy) but thought the picture would turn out good outside on the clothesline.


Our football team isn't doing well at all this year. In fact its doing kind of bad, but we are standing by our team. Hope springs eternal!

This is Dave, our dog, helping support the Wolfpack!


Yesterday I made a big pot of Great Northern Beans seasoned with a ham hock. I also made an extra big pan of lasagna. The lasagna was for lunch and also for Jacob, my son, who won't eat the beans. My husband and I had already eaten our lasagna portions, but when Jacob was serving himself a loud crash of broken glass came from the kitchen. The lasagna was baked in a glass baking dish and was sitting on the counter underneath the cabinet where the drinking glasses are stored. When he got himself out a glass he accidentally dropped it on the lasagna dish which splattered into millions of pieces on the counter and the floor around Jacob's bare feet. He wasn't cut, because I ran and got him some shoes and we cleaned it up as quickly and as well as we could. The remaining lasagna had to be thrown out, much to Jacob's dismay. He was really looking forward to eating it and having left overs for a couple of days!

So today I made him a big pan of cheeseburger rotini. Hopefully that will make him feel better.

Needless to say I'll never place a glass baking dish underneath the drinking glass cabinet again!


Littlepenpen said...

I'm glad no one was injured with the lasagna disaster! I can imagine all that was a big mess to clean up. You did great on the thrift store finds for Dylan... cute things. I loved Osh Kosh for my kids when they were little. Sorry about the Wolfpack.... I don't follow sports, but I have a girlfriend who is a true Carolina fan... and I know how upset she can get over basketball games!

Mom2fur said...

I sure do know how babies grow! Every time I make something as a gift, I try to make it to fit 'a few months later.' At least then I know they'll get use of it, LOL!
My kids wore some Osh Kosh things, too. They are very well made.
I'm sorry about the lasagna! But I'm glad no one was hurt.

Kacie said...

Yikes! about the lasagna. And, great job with those baby clothes!

Rhonda in OK said...

Yea on the baby clothes bargains!
But what a loss of the lasagna. I am glad your son did not cut his feet though.
You are a sweet momma to fix him another pan of pasta. :)

Alexandra said...

Great deals on the clothes. That's what we at the thrifts for clothes. We get such good deals, I can't buy retail any more! It just seems weird paying $20.00 and up for a piece of clothing now.

Peggy said...

Thanks for taking part in the card shower! After reading your post I am in the mood for lasagna. LOL

Country Girl At Heart said...

You scored big at the Thrift Store. Good for you. Sorry about your Lasagna. You are a great mom to have cooked another dish. Yeah for you.

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