Thursday, October 25, 2007

Small Town America


1. A large Gas Guzzling SUV with a license plate that said "BORNTOSHP". :O)

2. The person in front of me at the drive through at the bank, the lane that has the plastic tube to send your deposit through, left their deposit, including cold hard green cash, in the thing, without waiting for a deposit slip or even pushing the button to send it over. I drove up and pushed the button, afraid to touch it. They are so lucky that someone didn't drive up there and just take the money. There would have been nothing they could have done about it.

3. The first advertisement on my Google Ad that I saw this morning was for condos in Hawaii. Now the last three posts I made were about clipping coupons and getting deals at CVS and Food Lion. Does that make any sense to you? :o)


1. A very realistic, bloody fake leg hanging out the back of a SUV as a Halloween prank. That scared me, not to mention what an elderly person or child would think!


1. A middle aged couple in short shorts, going hand in hand into a jewelry store. You could just see the love spilling over!

2. A very tall Dad walking down the sidewalk with his little boy about 3 years old, riding on his shoulders.


1. Rain, glorious rain! Water standing in my front yard. Using my NC State Red umbrella to take the dog out!

2. Comments and Emails from sweet blogger friends. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
You will love my frugal post today.
I am sorting coupons todauy and making out my shopping list for tomorrow.

Littlepenpen said...

What interesting things you saw today! The leg sounds pretty gross. I'll be on the lookout for one of those around here. The rain is wonderful!!! April and I were at Wal mart when the bottom fell out... I had my umbrella but we still got very wet. All the way across the parking lot to my car, I was saying "Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord!" My fireplace even leaked today and for that, I was even thankful! Thank you God for the rain!

Becki said...


I love your small town posts. I also have started stocking and organizing my pantry, thanks for the inspiraton.

Jane said...

We are trying to paint our house here - so I hope it just keeps raining and raining there!

I liked your post!

Blue Sky said...

Mama, these are great stories!

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