Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Frugal Quilt - "Party Hats"

This is another quilt that was made using old blue jeans that belonged to my son. The name of the pattern I used was called Party Hats. The denim was used in each star and for the borders and binding. The blue checked, striped and plaid fabrics were a set of coordinating fat quarters I had purchased in the mountains of Tennessee at a little country quilt shop. The beige fabrics were also a coordinating set of fat quarters.

The thing I like about this quilt is that its just right to cover up with while watching T.V. and its heavy. The denim makes it heavy and it feels like an old "timey" quilt that my grandma would have made using real cotton that she had gleaned from the cotton fields. She had a device that would strip the seeds from the cotton balls. She also would dip twine in flour and stretch it over the quilt top, one person on each side, and "pop" it to make straight quilting lines. The quilt tops were made from flour sacks of course. The winter time was quilting time for her. Now those were frugal quilts!!!

I get my love of quilting from my Grandma, whose house I was at in the baby picture in my previous post. She quilted, gardened and cooked. She was much better at all three of these things than me, but I strive to be as good as she was. She was also THE most spiritual person I have ever known. I remember her best sitting in her chair reading her "prayer book". That prayer book was falling apart by the time she died at 92. She raised 11 children and did it oh so well! I come from good stock!!!


Mom2fur said...

Your grandma must have been an amazing woman. No wonder you are so talented, with ancestors like that. The quilt is gorgeous!

Blue Sky said...

Yes Mama - good stock are we!

Littlepenpen said...

I'll bet your quilts ARE as good as your grandma's. She would be so proud of you. I love the blue and white quilt and can almost imagine its warm weight while lying on the couch. I have one that my grandma made, that my mom recovered, that is HEAVY. It feels so good when it's really cold outside!

Anonymous said...

Aren't grandparents special? I also had a grandmother that sounded alot like yours.

Your post on your grandmother reminds me of when I was younger I use to go in the summers almost every Thrusday to visit my grandparents and they would take me to the Senior Citizens Center with them. My friends could not understand why I would love to go. For one thing there was great food (potluck),the women would let me join in and help stich on the quilt they would work on every week and best of all besides my own grandparents I was surrounded by dozens of other "grandparents" that would dote over me,with me being the only child at a Senior Citizens meeting. Who couldn't understand that? :)

That is a beautiful quilt!


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