Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday Sewing

I hope everybody has had a great Saturday! We have been really busy. It was the last day of the summer of 2007!!! Good bye old friend. See you next June!

We had visitors from out of state today and I was able to get some grandbaby sugar!!!

These pictures are of some simple projects I have been working on.

The first one is a a body pillow case. We have been needing a pillow case for this body pillow and I found this fabric on sale for $1.00 per yard. I really like it. Its called barn red plaid.

I bought 2 yards of the fabric and cut it to the length I needed which was 60 inches. First I pre-washed and dried the fabric. Then on one end I turned under 1/4 inch and pressed and then turned it under again 3/4 inch, pressed and stitched. Then I turned right sides together and sewed down the side and end. The fold made the other seam. This fabric was almost exactly the width I needed after being folded in half. I added the 12 inches I had left over to my scrap stash. It will be cute in a quilt or other sewing project someday.

The second picture is a chicken napkin and coaster. I have several of these cut out and am in the process of getting them all sewn together.

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Littlepenpen said...

You always seem to manage to get things done! Love the chicken fabric and your body pillow looks so comfy! I'm sure the grandbaby sugar was the best part of the day!

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