Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday Sewing

These are some Christmas sewing projects I have been working on today. The snowman fabric was a treasure I found in one of the bags of scraps my co-worker's Mom brings to me. There was just enough to make two 12 inch pillows and 3 rice filled heating pads. The candy cane red stripe to match was another treasure found at a church thrift shop in a small town near my home. It goes together so well!!! I used the striped fabric on the back of the pillows and the pads. The pillows have an envelope back so the inner pillows can be removed after Christmas and the cover can be switched. I made one of the inner pillow forms from scrap white fabric and poly-fil and the other came from a church yard sale still in the wrapper for .25. I love snow scenes!!!

I also made my son 2 camoflage coasters for his bedside table and several more rice filled heating pads, including some from chicken fabric and camoflage fabric. I've made about 35 and have bought 40 pounds of the cheap Walmart rice. I'll post a picture as soon as I get the rest of rice into the inner bags.

Also pictured are some baskets I found at a yard sale today. I got these baskets and some other easter type baskets and plastic containers for $2.50. They are perfect for putting homemade napkins in!

What a wonderful day this has been!!! The only hitch is that NC State is losing badly to Boston College!!!! :o(

Debbie J.


WesternWarmth said...

Great job on the saturday sewing. I think my body is in energy conserving mode because every time I think about sewing I go lay down instead! I really want to sew for Christmas so let's hope my energy comes back!

Anonymous said...

Hi! could you explain how to make your rice filled heating pads? If it's in an older post could you mention that? Thanks for your help.


ancient one said...

Once upon a time I 'kinda liked to sew. Now just thinking of it, makes me feeled nerved out. What happened? I guess I just got old and lazy...LOL But, I sure do love to read your blog and others that are sewing and quilting and knitting. Love all your pictures of what you are doing. And your baby all snuggled up on the left side of your Blog is just precious!!

Littlepenpen said...

I'm with westernwarmth above; I spend too much time on the couch these days! I was thinking about how much sewing I could get done if I didn't feel the need to nap so much! I love the snowman fabric and your baskets are wonderful. The basket on the far right, with the gingerbread men tags, looks like a handmade basket. (I guess they are all made by hand, but you know what I mean)

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