Thursday, August 9, 2007

N. C. State Quilt In Progress

This is definitely a UFO from long ago! I started this quilt last fall (I think) and it fell by the way side when I discovered my first grandchild was on the way. I went into baby quilt making mode in high gear!

I'm making it for my stepson, Justin, whose 21st birthday was yesterday. He doesn't know I am making it.

My original idea for the quilt didn't work out and so then I started working with what I had, and I'm not really satisfied with it. That makes me just want to put it away and start something new. Its a lot more fun to quilt if you like the way the quilt is looking!

I pulled it out yesterday and decided to finish it, even if its not what I had envisioned. I have discovered that when you get done the mistakes don't really matter.

I saw once that when pioneers made a quilt, they purposely turned a square the wrong way to show their humility, because only God is perfect. Well, let me tell you, most of my quilts are pretty humbling.

I love scrap quilts and this one fits that definition alright.

The first picture shows the quilt so far. The second picture is of some finished squares and strips to go into the border. The third picture is the progress I have made on the border which is a pioneer braid. Yes, that is the treadmill that I used for the background. Might as well use it for something!!! :o)

I am so looking forward to cooler weather so I can light some fall smelling candles, put on a pot of soup in the crock pot and work on quilts.

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Littlepenpen said...

Your quilt looks wonderful; what do you want to change? He will love the NC State quilt!

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