Sunday, August 26, 2007

Clothespin Bag

Thanks so much for the sweet comments about the clothespin bags! To answer your questions, I just threw these bags together with no real plan. I got the idea by looking at the clothespin bags for sale in the Firefly Farm Shop at Homespun Living which is a favorite blog losted on my side bar. Her bags are gorgeous and mine don't even begin to compare with the ones she has for sale.

I was using a really old bag that a lady who lives down the road made about 10 or 15 years ago. It was made to look like a little girl's dress and you simply used a hanger to hang it. It was worn out.

In an effort not to spend any money on the bag, I used the above hanger that I had. Its not too wide and goes straight across. I used a piece of fabric the width of the hanger. You have to leave an opening at the top for the hanger to go through and a second piece of fabric to make the opening in the front. In order not to have ravels I hemmed the seams where the slits would be before sewing.

This is not too clear I know, but I don't have any measurements or pattern. I just cut and sewed, took out some seams, etc. until I had an acceptable bag. I would like to make more bags and write down the meaurements. Also I would like to embellish them with ric rac or bias tape like the ones at Homespun Living.

I doubled the fabric in the second bag in an effort to have it be more sturdy. I need to figure out how to line the next one.

I did a google search to see if there were instructions on line for making clothespin bags and found soume, but they were made differently and I really like the style I made.

Thanks for the comments!!!


Littlepenpen said...

Thank you Debbie J. for explaining how you made your clothespin bag. I think I can figure it out from your directions. I like the fabric you used to make yours, but I agree that dressing one up with ric rac, etc. would be cute. I've always wanted one made like the little girl's dress... would like to find a pattern for those too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks from me too! I think maybe I can try to make one with the instructions that you gave.

I appreciate you taking the time to comment. You sound extremely busy and I'm sure very anxious to welcome that new baby! :)


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