Saturday, August 25, 2007

Christmas Sewing

Here are several pieces of Christmas fabric that I bought over the last couple of years at the after Christmas Sale at Walmart. Each was $1.00 per yard. There is a yard of each. I plan to make some Christmas napkins, rice filled heating pads (cuddle buddies) and coasters with them. I see several pleasing combinations already!

Also shown are three Christmas baskets purchased from a church thrift shop. I plan to roll up the napkins and place in the baskets.

Also today I made a clothespin bag. I liked it so much I made one for my daughter to hang in the baby's closet to put a variety of small things in, like baby socks or baby toys. I think I could easily made a diaper stacker bag using a similar method.

I am so happy when I am sewing!

Also today I made 2 more pizzas and peas and corn from the freezer. We cooked 2 more inexpensive marked down steaks from Food Lion.

I was able to get some basic cleaning done that was really needing to be done!

Happy Saturday!


Littlepenpen said...

Your Christmas fabrics are pretty. They will be very lucky people to receive your handmade napkin gifts. You are so motivated today!

Joy said...

You are such an inspiration to me! I've been meaning to do the peg bags for so long now, and start on Christmas things! I think I need to get up earlier!
I love those fabrics :) I love anything Christmassy, in fact. I am hoping that this year I will have a few Christmas quilts to toss around the house - I'd better get working!

Mom2fur said...

I'm really happy when I'm sewing, too. I had such a nice time visiting my mother in Ohio, but I'm so glad to be home where I have all my crafty stuff to play with!

WesternWarmth said...

Your blog is so inspiring! I've been wanting to make some cloth napkins too. We keep using paper towels, what a waste! Your clothes pins bags turned out really cute. I made a baby girl rag quilt this weekend. Now I need to find a baby girl in my life to give it to. I think my nesting hormones are a little off. I should be making baby boy stuff. Oh well!

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