Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Baby blankets, quilts and afghan

I promise this isn't becoming a baby blog! Just one more picture for a while! This is the cradle my daughter was given at the shower I had before she was born 27 years ago. All of my children slept in it as well as relatives' children. The bumper pad in it is the one I made 27 years ago. The blankets and quilts, I made since January for her baby and the afghan was a handmade gift from my sister to the new baby at the baby shower Sunday.

Have a great day!


Littlepenpen said...

I used to have a cradle similar to that one for my children. Several family members used ours too, but I can't remember where it finally ended up. Your quilts and blankets are beautiful! That little boy is going to feel so special, being warmed with all that handmade goodness!

Mom2fur said...

You can post all the baby things you want. Your work is exquisite and I love to see what others have made! (And I'm interested in baby stuff, too--a friend recently adopted a darling baby girl, and my daughter's friends are starting to have babies! Oh boy, I get to sew for babies again!)

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