Thursday, June 14, 2007

Getting Organized

I have really fallen off the wagon for being organized. I feel the urge coming on to rectify this however!!!!.

It seems that in the summer time I get lazy in that regard. I'm sleeping later in the mornings and not doing my Bible reading. I'm not staying on top of the laundry and daily cleaning. I'm not keeping things done by their due date! This must stop!!!!!

My new plan is to spend at least 30 minutes a day cleaning. I saw that Crystal over at Biblical Womanhood does this. She keeps things picked up, etc. all day, but spends 30 minutes a day on weekly cleaning and monthly cleaning. That appeals to me. When the 30 minutes is up she is done for the day.

I also like Flylady's plan of 15 minutes at a time. That really works for me too.

I plan to "plan" my week with my "planner" every weekend too. I need to write down everything that I need to do that week, such as paying bills, meeting deadlines, appointments, menus, Bible reading, etc.

I was doing so well at reading the Bible through in a year. I started on January 1st and kept it up to date until about the middle of May. Now I'm about a month behind! I must "believe" that I can catch back up and work at it!!!.

I also must get organized at planning my daughter's baby shower. I am going to start making a list today and walk to the library on my lunch break (getting in exercise too!) to get a book on giving showers. I think a small notebook to help me plan the shower would be good. I helped give her a wedding shower and maybe I have the notes from that on my desk. There's alot to be done to the house before it can happen on July 15th!.

I get so much inspiration from all your blogs!

Hugs, Debbie J.


Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
I am working on getting better at keeping a homemaking journal with my list and day to day notes. This sure has helped me. I have found being organized means I have to stay on top on things.
Let me know if I can help you.

Debbie J. said...

I have done a Control Journal (Flylady)in the past. Maybe I need to update it and put it to use. I also use a day planner. I was writing todo lists, etc. in that. But I haven't been following through with that. I think a combination of the 2 might work.

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