Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Convenient Home Set Up - Works For Me!

I saw that Rhonda and Susan showed their sewing areas and called it "KEEPING IT REAL" so here's my version:


Today is "WORKS FOR ME WEDNESDAY" and I thought and thought about what works for me. Well, it seemed that nothing works for me a lot of the time. Do you ever feel that way. Sometimes I'm just carried along with the waves of work, home, family, etc.

BUT, I did come up with something that really does work for me!

I love to sew and do so for pleasure and am trying to build up a small side business with the ultimate dream of a full time business. Let me tell you that's a long way off! Since I work full time outside of the home and try to be a good house keeper, cook and chief bottle washer :o), it gets pretty crazy sometimes!

I always dreamed of having a fancy sewing room with all the latest equipment. There are two obstacles to this: 1. No room; and 2. No money for fancy equipment. :o)

I finally realized that the little front room at my front door was just wasted space and turned it into a sewing room. Its the perfect size and the best thing about it is that its convenient to the rooms that I am in and out of all the time doing laundry, cooking and spending time with my family.

From my seat at the sewing machine I can see the tv, the computer desk and the washer and dryer, as you can see from the picture. Also, I can hear whats going on all over the house. Its only a few feet away from the kitchen too. While I am waiting for the water to boil I can sew a few seams. As soon as one load of clothes is through washing I can jump up from my sewing and go move the laundry along its merry way.

So when I am sewing I am located in just the right place to keep the laundry going, to check on whats cooking and am never too far away from those guys in there watching football when they want me to come watch a great NC State or Carolina Panthers replay!

So I ask you, what is your passion or hobby? If you can locate your work (or play) area conveniently in your home, you can get more done in both your home and with your passion or hobby.

So please go to Rocks in My Dryer for more Works For Me Tips!


Terri said...

You found a great little spot for sewing. Right now, my sewing spot is in my bedroom. Not the best place but the only space we have for it.

Unknown said...

Good luck with your business! I hope it really takes off for you! I love how you worked with what you had and you found contentment. Great lesson!

Anonymous said...

I love it when people "repurpose" a room! I turned my formal dining room into a playroom and split my long living room into two distinct areas - one for dining and one for curling up with a good book. TV and game systems in th playroom, TV and DVD in the family room and NO TV in the "living room/dining room." Strange to some, but it really works for us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
I have finally learn that lesson. I do what works for me no matter if it may be strange to others. We all have to listen to our own music. I love your sewing area.

ancient one said...

Such a nice sewing center... Love it!

Tori Leslie said...

That sounds like it works great for you. My house is made up for lots of small rooms so I have my sewing in the office down the hall from the kitchen, it makes for lots of pots of boiled dry tea. :0)

Great thoughts!

Little Penpen said...

Your sewing area looks perfect. I still haven't set up my "always dreamed about" sewing room. I have an empty room, since my son got married, just waiting for me to start sewing again.

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