Saturday, October 31, 2015

My Little Helper

I babysat this guy a couple of days this past week while his parents went on a little trip to Asheville.  Its so sweet to do a small load of baby laundry.  The front of his shirts get so wet and dirty, I hated to send a bag of them home.  

I think of all the activities I tried to do with him, he enjoyed playing with the wet clothes as we transferred them to the dryer the most.  Another of my grandsons who is two, loves for me to lift him up and let him push the buttons that start the washer or the dryer. 

I can see that it would be easy to teach little ones to do household chores because they get so excited about it when they are little.  The trick would be to keep it fun and not turn it into a dreaded chore!

Anxious For Nothing - A Bible Study

I thought I would share a new On Line Bible Study that starts Monday.  Its based on the book, "Anxious For Nothing" by Max Lucado....